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New Web Series Has People Packing on a Moment’s Notice to Undisclosed Locations with Details Expertly Planned to Fit Their Wanderlust Desires

Open Casting for Upcoming Seasons Underway; Acting Experience Not Needed, Passport Is Presented by Liberty Travel, Connecting People and (Perfectly Planned Surprise) Places

Montvale, NJ – March 22, 2017 -- Liberty Travel, known for its expertise in connecting people and places, is doing just that -- with a twist -- in 2017. The launch of its first-ever web series, Destination Confidential, documents duos on surprise trips planned by one of Liberty Travel’s consultants. The first season debuts this week at with other seasons planned for this year; submissions are actively being accepted.

When Tiffany found out they were selected to be on the first season of Destination Confidential she couldn’t wait to tell her husband, Abdul. She might have left out one minor (not-so-minor) detail: They were being filmed. Once that nuance was out of the way, they met with their travel consultant, Laura, to get a feel for what they like to do on vacation. It was unanimous; they like the beach, good food and something to do at night. From the airport arrival and trip reveal to the grand hotel entrance, thoughtfully planned excursions and scrumptious meals, there was a surprise around every corner. Viewers will have a front-row seat as the duo gets well acquainted with Destination Confidential.

The first season’s casting call was largely a social media and word-of-mouth submissions. At Liberty Travel’s recent Travel Expo in New Jersey last month dozens of travel lovers applied on the spot. Other are welcome to throw their suitcase in the ring for subsequent seasons (up to three planned for this year) and can apply at What does it take to make this ultimate travel cut? A love of exploration, history of making connections when traveling and answers to the following:

Did a roadside stop at a market have you at a local farmer’s for dinner one night? Is there a spot in your favorite country that makes you feel at one with the earth? Did you bond so much with the concierge that you went back to that island for his wedding?

Submit your story on how you connected with a destination and/or its people on a trip (500 characters or less) along with a recent photo of yourself and who you would take on this escape (two photos are acceptable if you do not have a recent one of you together). While there is a rolling deadline for future episodes, applicants must submit for consideration for season two by May 30, 2017.

Destination Confidential stars must:

  • Already have a valid passport with an expiration date that is at least six months out
  • Be available to meet with a Liberty Travel consultant for up to five hours in the days leading up to the trip
  • Be free to travel out of the country with limited notice
  • Have a love for travel, adventure and excursions!
  • Travelers must be 21-years of age or older

The premise of the series is twofold: One, it underscores the importance of taking a vacation and the connection made with both the destination and one’s travel partner. You leave behind the monotony and daily chores and obligations to reset, relax and reconnect with what is most important. Two, the value of using a travel consultant. There is no need to add additional stress to the planning process when an expert can orchestrate the perfect getaway around personal passions and preferences. The added options in the online travel space have added to the confusion and clutter in many instances; a travel agent brings calm to the chaos.

Visit to view season one and submit applications for future seasons.

Media Contact: Carla Caccavale Reynolds,; 914-673-0729

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