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United Kingdom Tours

Across the pond, find a land packed with a range of delights. From the sights, the rich history and culture, the modern cities, to the amazing food, the United Kingdom is a kingdom of things to see and do! And with so much, it’s best to explore on UK guided tours. Through escorted tour packages, you’ll get the most comprehensive look out onto this fine land, without missing a thing, and even with time to pause for tea & scones or fish & chips!

Follow the cobblestone path to a full-course meal of the sights, sounds, and tastes of England. Hit the key spots, explore ancient abbeys, visit bustling markets, world-class cities like London, and gorgeous national parks. The UK has a range of activities and sightseeing spots, modern and old, and with the guidance of tour directors of Cosmos Tours and CIE Tours, the tour leaders of Back-Roads, and the travel directors of Trafalgar, you won’t miss an England gem.

Not sure if the UK is the right place for your next getaway? No problem! Talk to one of our travel consultants to find out.

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Benefits of UK Vacation Tour Packages

  • Vacation tours and travel to epic UK destinations
  • Immersive cultural explorations, usually including a local guide giving you expert knowledge of the destination
  • Expedited access to major historical and cultural attractions, allowing you to see more than you could on your own
  • Detailed itineraries to enjoy cultural sights and experiences but with the free time and flexibility for personal exploration
  • Travel tours tailored to your age, activity level, and interests for maximum enjoyment
  • Dining, with select tour packages including certain meals and allowing options to taste local delights on your own

UK Excursions and Things to Do While You Are There

  • The Must-Sees – The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the Changing of the Guard, Windsor Castle, Tower of London, a stroll along the Thames River, fish & chips at a London pub… what else? Too much to list here! The UK has quite the history, so there will be something to see at every turn. Your travel consultant will help you choose a tour with the perfect itinerary for your getaway.
  • Market Town of Stamford – This quaint market town goes back to the 15th century, and most of its architecture harks back to the olden-days of limestone charm. Sir Walter Scott called it “the finest stone town in England.” Take a big step back in time and enjoy a nice walk and some free time shopping – peace and quiet is free of charge!
  • Medieval York – This compact walled city is literally jampacked with ancient history – from museums, historic buildings, cobblestone streets, to stunning architecture. But it also boasts a trendy café lifestyle with great activities, ultra-talented street performers, shops, restaurants, and bars. Check out the Bar Convent Living Heritage Centre, where you’ll get to see a convent that goes back to 1686.
  • To See, or Not to See? – When in England, you must see Shakespeare’s birthplace and resting ground – Stratford-upon-Avon. The man who made the English language dazzle audiences is buried at Holy Trinity Church. Stop by and verse a Shakespearean sonnet in honor of the old bard.
  • Northumberland National Park – It’s not all historical buildings, bustling cities, and charming cobblestone lanes. Experience the great outdoors as well! This breathtaking national park pretty much has it all – incredible nature, wildlife, waterways, walking and bike routes, and even art projects with artist residencies, exhibitions, and workshops.
  • Stonehenge – Needing no introduction – well, what would the introduction say anyway? This iconic mystery is comprised of prehistoric stones positioned in a specific concentric design. Maybe a burial ground, maybe a place for celebration, or something else altogether – no matter what, it is a cultural landmark and must-see.

How to Book Tours in the UK

Liberty Travel has long trusting partnerships with the top tour companies in the industry, who go above and beyond for our clients. Our travel consultants have the expert knowledge, professional training, and personal experience to find the UK small group tours that are right for you. With personal one-on-one attention and 24/7 support, you can travel with confidence knowing we are here for you throughout your adventure.

In order to book your UK guided tour –

  1. Visit or call one of more than 125 Liberty Travel store locations nationwide, including flagship locations in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago.
  2. Fill out an inquiry form to email a consultant.
  3. Click on the red banner at the bottom right-hand corner to chat with a consultant now.

From national parks, to big-time historical landmarks, to a calming cup of afternoon tea, the UK offers up a wide range of things to do and see. Don’t leave a cobblestone unturned! Hit the UK through small group tours and excursions.

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