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Wendy Wu’s all-inclusive tours are constructed to provide all inclusive vacations to China with the very best the country has to offer, as well as a diversity of regions and attractions. Wendy Wu endeavors to not only provide tour members with the 'must see' attractions in each country, but to constantly create innovative vacations to China, exploring previously unreachable areas and servicing clients' ongoing needs. 

Temple of Heaven
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A land full of the world's oldest traditions, beautiful landscapes and varied cultures. Wendy Wu's China Tours offer a truly unique experience for every traveler that explores the wonderful sites within. From the Forbidden City in Beijing and the impressive Terracotta Warriors of Xian to the mighty Yangtze River and the breathtaking scenery that surrounds her.

Wendy Wu's China tours give you the opportunity to visit the best, most popular sights and cities in China. From the Great Wall and the Forbidden City to the panda preserve and the beautiful Yangtze River, Wendy Wu's experienced tour guides will escort you through the history and culture of China. Whether you take Group Tours, Private Tours, or Short Stay trips, they'll help you discover the magic of China.