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Meet Liberty Travel's Exclusive Travel Butler

With a job title that evokes many connotations, Liberty Travel Butler Joyce Sargo delivers white-glove service fueled by her love for travel and her dedication to her clients. Meet the woman behind the role creating amazing experiences around the world.

When your consultant tells you that your exclusive Liberty Travel Journey package comes with the complimentary services of a Travel Butler, you might picture a Jeeves look-a-like accompanying you on your adventure. While she definitely provides white-glove service to make every travel experience extraordinary, Liberty Travel’s resident Travel Butler Joyce Sargo is transforming the image of this role.

“I think people hear the title [Travel Butler] and automatically associate me with an old man that is going to be traveling with them, unpacking their bags, and serving them throughout their trip,” laughs Joyce.

Fueled by Travel

Joyce taking a break from exploring by sitting on the Spanish Steps in Rome

When Joyce applied for the position, the Travel Butler had a simply vague job description: a person who would be an exceptional resource for travelers to use to help plan the finer details of their trip in addition to their travel consultants.

Joyce is currently the one-and-only Travel Butler, and she has embraced the role with a fierce determination and molded it from its humble beginnings to turn it into something completely her own. Her experience in the industry and passion for travel leaves no question that she is the perfect fit.

“I was bitten by the travel bug at a very early age,” remembers Joyce. “Traveling allows me to learn about the world and myself, as well.”

Joyce with her favorite travel buddy, her son Austyn

Interacting with new people from all walks of life is at the root of her love for travel. Of all the trips she’s taken to 17 countries and counting, one experience really stood out for her. “I was at the Vatican, and I saw this tiny nun – she couldn’t have been more than four-feet tall. I asked if I could take her picture and she let me, but after that she wanted to take selfies with me. Moments like this really inspire me and teach me to really appreciate how others live.”

The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

Joyce Traveling with the girls in Italy

It was this fascination — plus a prime opportunity while planning a girls’ getaway to Las Vegas — that began her impressive travel career, although Joyce claims it was fate. “While speaking with my Liberty Travel agent in the Morristown store, the manager noticed I was very inquisitive and handed me a job application.” 

Thus began a 10-year career as a Liberty Travel consultant, which evolved into a several-year gig as a consultant with Worldwide Traveler, where she gained global expertise. But she was intrigued by the brand-new Travel Butler position for the agency where she started.

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Joyce snapped this amazing photo from her over water bungalow in French Polynesia 

“Having worked for both Liberty Travel and Worldwide Traveler, I felt I could really act as a liaison between the client and travel consultant, and create amazing travel experiences to really enhance the client/consultant relationship.”

The Job, the Myth, the Legend

And enhance it she has. Joyce has built quite a repertoire to live up to. She starts with an introductory email to the client congratulating them on booking their adventure and fills it with interesting facts and information about their chosen destinations. From there, she works directly with the traveler arranging all the finer details of their trip like organizing special celebrations and restaurant reservations, making sure they have all of the necessary information and documentation, and suggesting additional must-see sightseeing options that their travel consultants can book.

The canals of Venice, Italy

But it’s her unwavering dedication and care for people that truly exceeds the job description. She might not be unpacking your bags, but Joyce will go above and beyond to ensure your trip is nothing short of spectacular. One of her more extensive tasks involved a Jewish couple who booked a detailed itinerary through Italy and wanted to properly practice their religion while traveling.

“They needed to eat kosher meals and attend synagogue,” says Joyce. “It took a lot of work and research, but I was able to find the right restaurants, have kosher meals prepared and delivered to their hotels, and locate synagogues throughout Italy.”

Afraid your request might be a tad too outlandish? Don’t worry, Joyce has heard it all, and she’ll do everything she can to make it happen.

The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge

Remembers Joyce, “I had a mother and daughter traveling to Australia to celebrate the daughter’s 25th birthday. The mom wanted to do something special when they climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.”

Joyce was determined to make it memorable. She contacted the tour company directly and worked with them and the mom to arrange a celebration. “As they were climbing back down, the staff was waiting for them at the bottom with a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign and they sang to her. They also gave her a framed photo of her at the top of the bridge as a birthday gift. Her mom said it was the highlight of their trip.”

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View from the top of the climb

Joyce aims to add personal touches to all the trips she assists with, even if they aren’t requested. If she finds out you’ll be celebrating something special during your getaway, she’ll arrange a unique surprise, like a complimentary bottle of champagne from the hotel for anniversaries and honeymoons, or a cake for birthdays. Being the Travel Butler takes commitment, but for Joyce it’s all worthwhile.

“Knowing that I’ve played a part in creating a wonderful and memorable experience for the client is really rewarding for me.”

Joyce marvels at Europe's old-world beauty from her hotel window.

A Bright Future Filled With Adventure

The Travel Butler’s role is ever evolving, and Joyce strives to stay up to date on the latest needs and trends to better serve her travelers. “I’ve seen a lot of interest in Iceland recently. People want to see the natural wonders like the Northern Lights and Blue Lagoon.”

As for Joyce, she’s not sure where her next adventure awaits. “Maybe Bali, Dubai, Africa, or Thailand – whenever the opportunity presents itself, I’ll take it. The world is my oyster!”

Joyce relaxing on a beach in her favorite destination,  French Polynesia

Spoken like a true Travel Butler.

Let Joyce make your next trip truly remarkable. Contact your Liberty Travel consultant to start planning your own Journey, a 7-night or longer multi-destination adventure to the world’s most exciting and epic locations that include exclusive perks, such as a personalized keepsake booklet and document holder, $150 future travel credit, and priority access to our emergency travel center. Bonus! You’ll get to experience the Travel Butler’s white-glove service for yourself.