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Top Honeymoon Ideas in the Winter

Brisk, chilly days. Snow-covered hills and plains. Christmas lights everywhere. Drinking cider by the fireplace. Longer, more fun-filled nights. Winter can be magical.

Top Honeymoon Ideas in the Winter

Winter Honeymoons

Even though they have often been characterized by trips to summertime paradises and sun-drenched beaches, many couples choose to embark upon their honeymoon during the winter months. Here are some popular honeymoon ideas for winter travel:

Ski Resorts

For active and adventurous couples, a week in the snowy mountains can be idyllic. Certainly, there is the draw of the slopes for skiers and snowboarders, but mountain resorts also offer gorgeous vistas, charming villages, and hearty nightlife. And, of course, your alone time can be spent in bubbling hot tubs, near cracking fires at inns, or snuggled together under a warm blanket in a cabin.

Winter Sun

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your honeymoon has to be ruled by the season. Several places in the American southwest (Phoenix, Santa Fe, and San Diego are just a few) are very comfortable year-round. This region boasts plenty of lush, full-service resorts where you can get pampered in the spa or book a twosome at the golf club. In contrast, there are also plenty of quiet, artsy burgs where you can stroll through art galleries or shop in delightful town squares. In either case, the Southwest fits the bill perfectly if you're looking for a reclusive, temperate getaway.

New England

This region is sprinkled with hundreds of country inns and bed-and-breakfasts which offer quaint accommodations and warm hospitality. In many areas, there are also outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, hiking, and nature walks. You’ll be thrilled with the backdrop it will provide for pictures, too; the breathtaking scenery of wintry mountains and frozen ponds help make for a perfect storybook honeymoon experience.

Caribbean Cruises

The rest of the world may be stressing and shivering while you're down in the tropics operating on "island time," and there's no better way to see the Caribbean than on a cruise ship. You can swim, snorkel, ride horses, parasail, or relax on the beach in the Bahamas, Barbados, the US Virgin Islands, Jamaica, St Lucia, or Antigua and Barbuda. All of these ports of call offer exciting opportunities for shore excursions, from culture seminars and wilderness hikes to helicopter tours and off-road adventures. Plus, you'll travel in the lap of luxury on a vessel where meals, entertainment, and activities are all included in the price of your stateroom.


Imagine taking in the sights of some of the world's most historic and picturesque cities - without battling all the summer tourists. There are plenty of European destinations to pick from, such as the regal palaces of London, the majestic cathedrals of Rome, the towering castles of Budapest, the old-world charm of Zurich, and of course the romance and charisma of Paris. And every European city is incredibly scenic during Christmas time. You could fly across the Atlantic for a honeymoon and return from a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Whether you're in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or any casino in between, you may not even realize that it's winter outside because you'll be having so much fun inside. The more upscale casinos have so many extra activities going on that you can spend much (or even all) of your honeymoon away from the gambling areas, instead enjoying shopping, fine dining, shows, and more. In many cases, standard rooms are cheaper than lodging in other locations, and casino hotels can certainly provide you with as much upscale amenities and entertainment as your budget permits.


Remember that it's summer down under when the mercury drops in North America. That means you can bask in the southern hemisphere sun and enjoy an extra slice of summer with a vacation in Australia. Plus, you can dive the Great Barrier Reef, explore the outback, or tour some of the country's most beautiful cities, such as Sydney, Melbourne, or Canberra. And the laid-back, friendly Aussie demeanor will be a great addition to your festive honeymoon.

South America

Like Australia, the continent's southern section enjoys summer conditions during our winter months, making it a perfect time to visit places like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Buenos Aires is a bustling Argentinean city with a heavy dose of old-world charm. Paraguay offers incredible markets and shopping areas where your money goes a long way. And Santiago is a cornucopia of Spanish architecture nestled in the shadow of the grandiose Andes Mountains.

There are plenty of reasons to honeymoon in the winter. For some couples, this may be a more convenient time to travel because of the holiday season and the accompanying time off. Others may appreciate the relative lack of fellow travelers, which adds to the reclusiveness of their romantic getaway. Whatever the reason, rest assured that there are innumerable choices for new brides and grooms hoping to find suitable wintertime locales for their first vacation together as a married couple.

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