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Holiday Sweets Around the World
Featured Travel Article

Holiday Sweets Around the World

Nothing says Christmas quite like food, and nothing crowns a festive meal quite like the perfect dessert. Whether you’re traveling this season and are looking for the perfect local bakery or want to bring some new festive traditions to your holiday table, here are some incredible desserts that will put you in the Christmas spirit. GERMANY - Christmas Stollen Stollen is a fruit bread loaded with nuts, spices, and dried or candied fruit. A properly-made Christmas Stollen takes time. Raisins and nuts must be soaked in rum, and then added to a sweet yeast dough flavored with citrus and spices. The process of proofing the dough takes several days. A perfectly-executed stollen is a mouthful of rum-soaked fruit, held together loosely with delicate cake. To trace the origins of this Christmas

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