Lila Tartour, travel agent

Lila Tartour

Travel Expert
7 years in travel
Exton, PA

About Me

I traveled to Egypt every summer with my family. I started pursuing my travel career at the ripe old age of 9 when my family made a permanent move to Cairo. With this unique experience, I wanted to open new doors to unfamiliar places.

My favorite part about being a travel agent is that everyone is traveling for different reasons and no two trips are the same.

The most useful travel advice I can give is to try something different than you're used to and keep an open mind.

Folklore says that if you drink from a famous fountain at the top of La Rambla you will fall in love with Barcelona and always return to the city. I can attest that this is not just folklore; my heart is in Barcelona. There is nothing not to love about Barcelona from the food to the sights to the amazing people.

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