Patricia Ryan, travel agent

Patricia Ryan

Independent Affiliate
33 years in travel
Bel Air, MD

About Me

My travel industry career pursuit began years ago when my daughter asked me how did I know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I have always loved traveling and I decided to work as an independent travel agent to make other peoples' dreams come true. Follow your dreams wherever they might take you, would be my advice to my customers. Liberty Travel provided me with the tools I needed to sell travel and create my own unforgettable travel experiences. My most memorable trip was to Tahiti. It's the most tranquil, luxurious vacation I have ever taken. I worked many years for the Liberty Travel office in Bel Air, MD. Now that I'm retired, I work from home as an Independent by Liberty Travel advisor. I look forward to working with my lifelong clients and adding some new friends to as well. Where will your dreams take you today? I'm here for you.

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