Susan Coll, travel agent

Susan Coll

Independent Affiliate
20 years in travel
Norwood, PA

About Me

My favorite part about being a travel advisor is my clients. I love building a travel portfolio with them and working with them over many years to truly find what they love. The relationships are the best part! My favorite destination is Europe. And yes, it is general because I love most of Europe. My favorite so far has been Germany, because I was able to stay there for two weeks and I felt like I was living there. As a matter of fact, if I could move anywhere in the world it would probably be the Bavaria region of Germany. It is so beautiful! My number one packing tip, especially for Europe, is keep it as light as possible. Fifty pounds for your checked luggage adds up fast, and you WILL want to buy souvenirs while there! There are three things I do not travel without: my phone for both the camera and communication, a good book, and a willingness to try new things. Happy Travels everyone!

My Recommended Destinations