4 My Time Perks That Up Your Vacation Game

Perk up your vacation with the upgraded services and amenities of My Time.

Vacation time is precious, so why shouldn’t you be treated like a VIP on your well-deserved getaway? That’s why Liberty Travel created special vacation packages featuring My Time, an exclusive service offering unique recognition, special amenities, and a level of service that goes beyond expectations at your chosen hotel or cruise ship. Here’s a few of our favorite My Time amenities.


1. Expedited Check-In



After a long day of traveling – whether by plane, train, or car – we know that you’re eager to get into your room and start enjoying vacation. The last thing you want to do is stand in a long check-in line. That’s why we made sure to make priority check-in one of the top My Time perks. Stroll confidently past the line towards the dedicated My Time check-in area and try not to wave your key card in the air in victory as you make your way to your room before everyone else.

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2. Room Upgrades



“Wait – I’m getting two awesome My Time perks before I’ve even finished checking in? Oh, no you didn’t!” Oh yes, we did. While you’re enjoying the expedited check-in experience, you’ll be delighted when your room gets upgraded to the next best category. As long as there’s availability, you’ll find yourself moving from a garden view room to an ocean view, completely free of charge.


3. Food, Spa, and Resort Credits



Now the real fun begins. You’ve arrived, checked-in, and now can enjoy all the wonderful features at your resort. To help you enjoy yourselves even more, your My Time perks include credits to use around the hotel. These can be in the form of food and beverage credits for special dinners and premium bottles of wine. They could be spa credits for relaxing treatments like massages on the beach. Or they could be an overall resort credit that you can use towards activities or shopping. It’s our little gift to you to elevate your vacation even further.

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4. Late Check-Out



This is the part we never want to talk about – the end of vacation. Insert sob here. But we want you to soak up every last second of your getaway. Enjoy a few more hours by the pool because thanks to My Time, you can take advantage of late check-out.


Treat yourself and your vacation to an upgrade at no additional cost. Contact a Liberty Travel consultant today and let us plan your elevated vacation featuring the perks of My Time.