Bottom Line: Guided is the Way to Go

Experience your next destination amongst a group of like-minded travelers with these top tour groups.
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For the most in-depth and comprehensive experience of any destination, it should go without saying that tours will get you the most. From specific, tried-and-true itineraries, to being led down a gorgeous path by a local guide who knows the land inside out, touring not only makes travel easier; it also makes the experience that much more fulfilling. But in a world full of choices, well – you have a choice when it comes to what kind of path you want to take. Here are our favorites for you to consider before planning your next guided vacations.  


Back-Roads Touring


Like that beautiful boutique hotel you’ve always dreamed of staying at, Back-Roads puts a capital “Q” into quaint. With over 25 years of crafting small group tours throughout off-the-beaten path routes in Europe – completely avoiding those noisy highways – Back-Roads puts you in the true heart of European destinations like the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, and other beautiful countries. Back-Roads traces those literal back roads throughout the entire length of Europe, connecting travelers to the culture, cuisine, and history of these fascinating places, all within luxurious mini-coaches and always with a small group of likeminded people who are looking for a truly authentic exploration.

Bottom Line: Go quaint or go home.

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Globus Tours


Even the name sounds more epic in scope. If you’re looking for a deeply comprehensive exploration of a particular location, you could bet Globus will have you covered, equipped with a professional Tour Director to take you along the entire way, sharing stories and an intimate knowledge of every landmark. With more than 80 years of experience, Globus specializes in facilitating every last detail on your memorable touring getaway, save the flights and transfers to your guided vacation. Globus takes pride in creating the perfectly planned vacation and offers over 225 guided vacations throughout Europe, the US, Canada, South America, Asia, Africa, Hawaii, and the South Pacific. With VIP access always, you get to skip lines and receive special treatment at key attractions. Plus, Globus offers a range of touring themes, so you can choose a variety of travel styles like family travel, religious vacations, and others.

Bottom Line: This is comprehensive travel and then some.

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With over 100 years in the business, Collette is beyond reliable, and if you have a quirky side and want an itinerary maybe closer to something you’d consider homemade and unique, Collette has incredible options and extreme flexibility. Focusing less on prepackaging experiences, Collette ensures that your specific experience is nothing less than great. Their inclusive tours offer amazing bang for your buck, setting you down in one incredible moment after the next throughout all seven continents, always personalizing your tour to meet your specific demands. Tour Managers are at your service the entire way, and local guides will be by your side. so you could keep your head up and eyes focused – no map reading skills necessary. From pre and post nights in the world’s best cities, to tour extensions, and built-in free time, Collette and Liberty Travel value your freedom.

Bottom Line: Personalized touring that lets you have it your way.

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Peregrine Adventures


For the adventurer in you, look no further. Experience epic destinations as intimately and authentically as possible. That’s not to say you’ll be skydiving your way to each stop. Peregrine takes pride in also letting you sit back, relax, and comfortably immersing yourself in unforgettable regions. What they will do is get you up close and personal with landmarks and exciting cultures. Trek to far-flung destinations like Vietnam, Africa, Morocco, Asia, Greece, and other amazing spots on the map. This is adventure through immersion – intimate small group travel to some of the planet’s most mesmerizing and memorable destinations. Just because you’re comfortable doesn’t mean it can’t be an adventure. With tour guides along the entire way, there’s no denying that comfort is what you’ll have, but the experience will be thrilling.

Bottom Line: The in-depth tour vacation with an adventurous bent.

All of these tours also situate you in convenient and beautiful hotels to rest up before another invigorating day on the road.

Bottom Bottom Line: Why travel any other way?  


Contact a Liberty Travel consultant today to plan your next guided vacation, and with so many choices not just in itinerary but also in tour company, we’ll find your ideal guided vacation, plus plan any flights and pre-and post-stays to give you a complete and seamless getaway.