Go Big in Australia

When it comes to life-changing travel, nothing could be more impactful than a trip to the other side of the world.

We know what you might be thinking – “Should I really take such a big trip right now? Shouldn’t those bucket list trips be saved for later?” Your hesitation is understandable, but once you make the leap, you’ll find that these liberating, rewarding, and empowering experiences are best had during any stage of your life. So why not now? With its unparalleled eco-thrills, city excitement, and unanimous welcoming nature, Australia is the perfect place to discover yourself and connect with your travel companions, a new country, and foreign friends you meet along the way. We asked the experts on the Australian Tourism Board to share their favorite must-see spots, exciting activities, and offbeat experiences for moments that will make you say “Whoa!” 


Meet Some Awesome Aussies



This is the perfect place to make some new friends abroad, and Australia’s sociable citizens will welcome you with open arms. They’re a travel-loving bunch that enjoy sharing time and stories with fellow wanderers. Don’t be surprised if you’re frequently invited to join them for a meal or even to explore parts of their exciting country with them. The locals from the Land Down Under suggest striking up a conversation over a drink. Meander to Southern Australia’s celebrated McLaren Vale wine region to visit the new d'Arenberg Cube. Built by the legendary winery of the same name, this Rubik’s Cube-esque building turned wine tasting room, art gallery, and entertainment center will certainly inspire a chat with fellow patrons.


Sync Up with Fellow Travelers


Hang ten in the Gold Coast.

Australia’s life-altering adventure potential is no secret, and you’re guaranteed to run into quite a few adventurers along your way. The eastern coast state of Queensland particularly calls to bold backpackers, gap-year globetrotters, and ever-roaming vagabonds, and offers plenty of opportunities to meet them: take a surf lesson in Australia’s playground – the Gold Coast; join a vineyard tour in Southern Queensland; hop on a sailing adventure around The Whitsunday Islands. Bonus: This region also happens to hold some of Australia’s most sought after sights.

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It Doesn’t Get Greater Than This


We left our heart in the Great Barrier Reef


Speaking of sailing around The Whitsundays, this breathtaking assortment of idyllic islands and pristine sandbars is the heart of the Great Barrier Reef – with an aptly shaped coral reef formation to prove it. There’s perhaps nothing that will leave you with a greater impact than the largest living structure on Earth. Snorkeling around its vibrant corals and the abundance of unique creatures is truly a brag-worthy experience that cannot be missed. And if The Whitsundays aren’t on your agenda, you can access this natural marvel from many points along Queensland’s coast, from the laid-back city of Cairns to the well preserved corals just off the sands of Arlie Beach.


Delve Deep in the Outback



To capture the true essence of Australia, follow the red sandy roads into its famous Outback. From the acres of incredible views to the iconic, massive desert monolith Uluru, the Northern Territory in particular is the embodiment of the country’s Aboriginal past and pioneering soul.


Head into the Outback and stop to say, "G'Day" to Uluru.

In addition to the must-see spots, like the Devil’s Marbles rock formations, we recommend venturing off the grid to Nitmiluk National Park. Here, you’ll not only be mesmerized by the natural beauty of eco-sites like Nitmiluk – also known as Katherine – Gorge, but you’ll also have a chance to soak up the spirit of the Outback by swimming or canoeing around volcanic pools and meeting up with fellow explorers on the Jatbula Trail, a five-day adventure through the park featuring true off-the-beaten path scenery, waterfalls, and Aboriginal rock art.

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See the Cities


Unwind in Brisbane.

Australia’s eco-wonders may be its claim to fame, but its assortment of energetic cities, each with their own unique character and more different from the last, are definitely worth an urban adventure. Whether you crave the renowned landmarks found in iconic Sydney, the culture and food scene of ever-evolving Melbourne, the go-with-the-flow vibes of always sunny Brisbane, or the youthful, active atmosphere of fun-loving Perth, there’s no shortage of metropolitan escapades.



Wherever your wandering heart leads you, our Aussie friends tell us the best way to introduce yourself to their cities is with a walking tour. Plus, you can even choose an itinerary that’s geared towards your particular interests, such as an architecture, food, or street art tour. 



Taking the leap on a once-in-a-lifetime trip may seem intimidating at first, but Australia has the cure for all your fears. An adventure filled with endless new tales, memories, and friends will have you ready to start conquoring your wanderlist. Contact a Liberty Travel consultant today and start planning your epic expedition to Australia.