Travel 101: Guided Vacations

Guided vacations, also known as an escorted tours, are a convenient and hassle-free way to vacation, and they’re a fantastic way to see a new place – and maybe meet some awesome people on the way!



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Still not sure what a guided vacation entails or if it's right for you?  That’s why we’re here.


Where can I go on a guided vacation?



In a word? Everywhere. In a few more words, guided vacations pretty much explore the world. The US & Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia…like we said, everywhere.


Do I need a passport?



If your tour goes anywhere outside the USA (even if it starts and ends in the country) you’ll need a passport. Remember, it’s always a good idea to have at least six extra months’ validity on your documents – some countries may not let you in if your passport will expire sooner than that.


What meals are included?



As with a lot of these answers, that typically depends on the vacation. That said, you can usually expect breakfasts and dinners to be provided on tour days, along with dinner on the day of arrival and breakfast before you leave for the airport to head home. You’ll normally get lunch on your own while exploring new cities, which allows you to taste the regional delicacies. 

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How do I get from place to place on my guided vacation?



Most of the time you’ll be taking a bus with others on the same tour – you will all travel as a group, check-in as a group, and sightsee as a group – this makes tours awesome for social butterflies and solo travelers looking to make new friends! When traveling farther distances, you might have to fly between cities, or even take a boat or train. Best of all, your transportation between destinations is included with your guided vacation, and you’ll get to see a lot more of the region.


Whoa, back up. I can tour as a solo traveler? How does that work?



Pretty much the same as vacationing with friends or family. The main difference is in the accommodations – while other people will be bunking with their traveling companions, you’ll have the option to have a private room all to yourself or share with a new friend who’s also taking on the great wide world by themselves.

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Is there any free time?



Usually, yes. You’ll almost always have some time to explore, shop, and eat on your own, apart from the group – if that’s what you want to do. And there are many guided vacations out there, so no matter what kind of pace you’re looking for or how much free time you want, your Liberty Travel consultant will be able to help you find the perfect tour for you.


How many other people will I be with?



This one really depends on the guided vacation – groups can range from eight people on small luxury outings to the much more common 50 or so on coach bus tours.


Are there guided vacations that don’t just go around cities?



Oh, we’re so glad you asked that. It sounds like you might be looking for an adventure tour, my friend, and we’re big fans. If you want to zipline through the rainforest, hike the Inca trail, or ride a camel through the desert, you should absolutely be considering a guided vacation! Not only will they take you on these amazing adventures, they make it really easy for you to have a great time without stressing about the logistics.  


So have we convinced you to get on board the guided vacation train (or rather, bus)? Do you still have questions about tours? Reach out to your consultant and they’ll be happy to get you on your way!