Which Guided Vacation Fits Your Travel Style?

So you want to discover the world with a guided vacation? Great choice! We asked the experts to help you find the one that's right for you!


Escorted tours hold a lot of appeal for those looking to see the world. Expert guides, accommodations, transportation, and even sightseeing are usually already included, with little to no work done on the traveler’s part. But like all aspiring adventurers, every tour company is different, offering a variety styles and inclusions with their trips. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which tour company is right for your travel style? You talk to the experts, of course. We asked the Liberty Travel consultants about the world’s best tour groups and got the inside scoop on which travelers fit the right trips.


For forward thinkers who love to be on the inside: Trafalgar






Since its adventurous beginnings in 1947, Trafalgar continues to be the innovator of tour group travel offering over 230 trips that span across six continents. They were the first in their industry to introduce authentic activities that allow travelers to go in-depth in their destinations, like dining in a local’s home, and they’re constantly searching for new ways to give their travelers the most enriching and rewarding getaways.


For travelers who love options: Collette Vacations






Do you prefer floating down river stopping at different ports and sleeping on a small ship? Would you prefer to travel with a small group? Or are your getaways guided by your faith or interests? Maybe you’re looking for a quick getaway but want to see a much as possible. Or you could be the globetrotter that wants to try it all. No matter what fuels your next trip, Collette Vacations has the tour for you. They offer tours of different styles, lengths, and interests to suit all needs.

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For the wanderer that wants it all: Globus






If you value your vacation time and thrive on seeing and experiencing your destinations as much as you can while you visit, a Globus tour is exactly what you need. Globus provides more experiences, visits, and sightseeing included in the tour, so that you don’t have any surprise costs in destination. Globus travelers also benefit from V.I.P Skip the Line passes at most major attractions, and all hotels and accommodations are in the heart of the city or destination you’re visiting, bringing you closer to all the action.


For those who hear Ireland and the U.K. calling: CIE Tours International






The green friendly hills of Ireland and iconic U.K. sights and cities hold a lot of appeal. For one thing, they speak English, making these destinations a great gateway into traveling for the aspiring adventurer. Not to mention their unsurpassed beauty, welcoming residents, and lively cultures. With 85 years of experience, plus employees and guides who are from the destinations, CIE Tours International boasts the most in-depth Ireland and U.K. tours with castle visits and stays, special evenings like dinner shows, and a variety of itineraries, so you see these charming destinations based on your interests.


For the active adventurer at any age: Intrepid






It all began with two bearded Aussies, a bus, and a road-trip adventure across Africa. Today, Intrepid treks across 100 countries and offers over 1,000 trip itineraries. Despite the larger size, their mission has remained the same: to offer quality tours with small groups, responsible travel, and really big adventures. The average group on an Intrepid trip is 10 passengers, allowing travelers to be social without being another face in the crowd, and creating the perfect balance of planned activities and free time, encouraging the creation of your own adventure.


For the off-the-beaten-path explorer: Back-Roads Touring






Cities are exciting, but it’s the small towns and hidden gems that are the true heart of a destination. Back-Roads Touring couldn’t agree more. Offering small group tours with no more than 18 passengers, Back-Roads uses mini-busses to navigate the roads less traveled. Opting for scenic country roads rather than congested highways, Back-Roads Touring drives through the heart of Europe’s most fascinating countries and through the narrow cobblestone alleyways of quaint towns, so you don’t just visit a country, you live it.


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There are hundreds of guided tours offering different styles and experiences for every traveler, and an expert Liberty Travel consultant can match you with your ideal itinerary. Contact yours today to start planning your next big adventure.