These Resorts Redefine Spa Serenity in Paradise

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November 2, 2020
Spa Serenity

The Caribbean & Mexico need no introduction – it’s where relaxation, tranquility, and serenity all come together to create total paradise. Unwinding comes easy when in tropical perfection, but these resorts are redefining what serenity and peace really means.

Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts

These resorts in Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic are literally all about tranquility. Every inch, every step, every bite all works together to help guests reach absolute peace. Holistic rituals, state-of-the-art spas, and heart-healthy locally-grown cuisine all leads to, as they put it, The Art of Life®. And we have to agree.

Zoetry Spa Outdoors

The world-class spas are worth the trip alone, where holistic well-being and ultimate spa treatments will leave you more than rejuvenated. At some Zoëtry Resorts, thalassotherapy treatments are offered, featuring treatment cabins, saltwater pools, and steam rooms – total havens of healing. Thalassotherapy treatments use heated seawater, seaweed, marine mud, minerals, and natural nutrients to release toxins and to send you into pampering bliss.

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Some specific treatments they specialize in include:

  • Vitamin C Sun Repair Treatment— You will also be in tropical paradise, remember, catching plenty of rays. This anti-aging, sun repair facial uses nutrients from fresh oranges.
  • Thalasso Serenity Anti-Stress Program – Life can be stressful, but that’s what Zoëtry’s for. They have a whole program dedicated to it.
  • Deep Cleansing Facials – Diminishes pores and purifies the skin deeply.
  • Bamboo Scrubs – Because purifying, exfoliating, and moisturizing is better with bamboo.
Le Blanc Spa

Le Blanc Spa Resorts

Le Blanc is le peaceful in Cancun and Los Cabos. Unbelievable spa settings, rejuvenating treatments, and a fusion of European and Asian spa experiences create an unforgettably calming time. Their suggested spa day goes something like this:

Begin hydrotherapy with a quick shower. Detox the body using a sauna or steam rooms. Take a refreshing shower. Relax for a while in the deluxe Jacuzzi or hydro-reflexology pool. Cool off with an aromatic facial towel. Take a dip in both cool and warm pools. Take one more quick shower. Stay hydrated with refreshing drinks throughout, like tea or water. Now’s time for the spa treatment.

Sound like a good day? We thought so.

Le Blanc Spa Treatments

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Hydrotherapy techniques like this go back to the Greco-Roman times, so Le Blanc is really intermingling great relaxation traditions with brand-new spins on serenity of their own.

Some of their signature treatments include:

  • Olympic Massage – For all those active people, this restores energy and eliminates tension, improving circulation and mobility through a full body massage.
  • Aloe Wrap – Le Blanc’s remedy for sunburn and sensitive skin uses an aloe-nopal Chaya cooling gel to soothe and provide relief to those who find napping in the sun very easy.
  • Diamond Facial – The signature facial treatment at Le Blanc, this uses biotechnology to regenerate and energize the skin, combining sophisticated ingredients with anti-aging properties to help keep you looking fresh.

The Hilton Playa del Carmen

Transcendence is more than possible in Playa del Carmen at SPAzul at the Hilton. Here, ancient rituals, holistic treatments, and an ultra-modern setting make for an incredible spa experience. And the Temazcal stone steam bath and hydrotherapy circuit lift this spa to new heights.

The Royal Spa

Features like full-body therapies, hydration wraps, and deep-tissue massages are just the norm. Other unique treatments include:

  • Ear Candling – Yes, a full treatment for the ears, all guided by the warmth of a candle. A gently ear massage and deep cleanse will not only leave your ears clean, but also your whole body relaxed.
  • Chocolate Delight Massage – Rejuvenation, restoration, and, of course, chocolate! This chocolate-based exfoliation is true paradise for chocolate lovers. The chocolate-infused massage is followed by a fruit & mud body wrap.
  • Mayan Inspired Treatments – A range of ancient rituals are all about restoring inner balance and perfect equilibrium.

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These resorts in the Caribbean & Mexico are heightening their spa experiences and making relaxation the name of the game.


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