Lindsay Powers, travel agent

Lindsay Powers Williams

Travel Expert
11 years in travel
Scarsdale, NY

About Me

Every year since I started driving my goal has been to visit three new places each year! Traveling opens our eyes and hearts to the vast beauty of the world. When I started working in the industry I took a work trip to Macau China for the company's Global Gathering. At this event, I ended up meeting my future husband while thousands of miles from home. Turns out we lived 40 minutes away from each other in New York! You never know when a trip will literally change the course of your life. My favorite part about being a travel consultant is connecting with my clients and fitting them with the perfect destination and experience. My own ideal travel destination varies widely! You can find me planning a trip for myself to an all-inclusive in Mexico, a family trip to Disney World, a California adventure, or a journey to Bali!

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