Sara Benscoter, travel agent

Sara Benscoter

Travel Expert
7 years in travel
Elmira, NY

I am currently out of the office exploring Iceland until July 2nd.  You may still inquire with me about travel plans and I will connect with you upon my return!

About Me

What I love most about my career is the joy of transforming clients' dream trips into unforgettable realities. There's a thrill in crafting the perfect itinerary or choosing the ideal resort and then hearing about their adventures or seeing their stunning photos upon their return.

I'm passionate about all types of travel. Whether it's the thrill of adventure travel, where I can uncover the hidden gems of a destination, the relaxation of an all-inclusive getaway during the colder months, or the excitement of a cruise that lets me explore multiple destinations in a short time, I savor every moment.

My best travel advice? Don't be afraid to embark on a solo journey. Whether it's a globe-trotting solo trip, a peaceful retreat to the Caribbean, or an adventurous excursion that others might shy away from, stepping out of your comfort zone is always more rewarding than staying put.

Whether you're dreaming of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to celebrate your honeymoon or anniversary milestone or just need a quick escape for a long weekend, I'm here to help you plan any vacation, big or small. Connect with me to start planning your next adventure!

My Recommended Destinations

Places I've Been

Aruba, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bonaire, Canada, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Florida, Germany, Honduras, Jamaica, Key West, Las Vegas, Mexico, Miami, Nashville, Nevada, New York, New Zealand, Orlando, Switzerland, Tennessee, Texas, Turks & Caicos, United States, Washington, D.C., Wyoming

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