25 Experiences You Need to Try At Sea

LT Globetrotter

January 16, 2017
25 Experiences You Need to Try At Sea

The modern cruise ship is nothing short of remarkable. These floating mega resorts sail you to the world’s iconic destinations with thrilling entertainment and unique activities to keep your voyage filled to the hull with fun. Get onboard in 2017 to find out why these 25 experiences are better on the water.

1. Take a spin around an ice skating or roller rink.

2. Catch a wave on the Flowrider.


3. Take a hula lesson.

4. Shop till you drop.

5. Twist and Turn down slides at the waterpark.


6. Participate in TV’s hottest game shows like The Voice and Dancing With The Stars.

7. Shoot some hoops at the basketball courts.

8. Schedule a hot-stone massage.

9. Sit front row at a Broadway show.

10. Zip line the length of the ship.


11. Get up close and personal to local wildlife.

12. Enhance your sommelier skills with a wine tasting.

13. Have a date with Lady Luck in the casino.

14. Unwind with a Yoga class.

15. Chill out in NCL’s Ice Bar.

Ice Bar

16. Walk the plank like a pirate (from the safety of a harness).

17. Conquer a ropes course.

18. Climb a rock wall.

19. Cultivate your culinary skills at a cooking demonstration.

20. Feel the rush of skydiving without ever leaving the ship.

Skydiving onboard

21. Learn a language.

22. Sip a cocktail to live music at piano bars, lounges, theme parties, and concerts.

23. Watch a movie under the stars.

24. Have cookies with the captain.

25. Absorb 360-degree views 300-feet above sea level with a ride on Royal Caribbean’s North Star.

Royal Caribbean’s North Star

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LT Globetrotter

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