Here are Four Golf Courses that will Never let you be a Member

LT Globetrotter

July 27, 2015
Here are Four Golf Courses that will Never let you be a Member

There’s no great way to say this...but you'll probably never be allowed to play on any of these courses. And you might be ushered off the property if you try.

Not only are these golf clubs some of the most expensive in the country (like $300,000 expensive), but they’re also the most painstakingly exclusive. Did you win the US Open? Sorry. Richest man in the world? Nope.

Chicago Golf Club - Wheaton, Illinois

Don’t think about walking in and asking to become a member here – membership is invitation only, and even then it’s a long shot. Not only is this one of the five founding clubs of the US Golf Association, it’s also the oldest 18-hole golf course on the continent. They only have 120 members, and they’re pretty clear on the fact that they will never have more than 120 members.

Augusta National Golf Club - Augusta, Georgia

To give you an idea of how exclusive Augusta National Golf Club is, they wouldn’t let Bill Gates become a member…because he hinted that he wanted to be a member. And how do they decide who to invite? No one knows. Augusta shuts down after the Masters every summer, and new members only find out they’ve been chosen when they receive a bill for their dues after the club reopens in the fall.

Seminole Golf Club - Juno Beach, Florida

And to give you an idea of how exclusive Seminole Golf Club is, they wouldn’t let Jack Nicklaus become a member. That’s right, that Jack Nicklaus. Since they don’t hold any PGA events, celebrity classics, or televised tournaments on site, there aren’t a lot of people who even know what the course looks like. How’s THAT for exclusive?

Muirfield Golf Club - Gullane, Scotland

Muirfield holds two notable distinctions: it wrote the first rules of golf in 1744, and has been called “the rudest club in golf.” And that’s to everyone – members and non-members alike. So even if you were able to get a membership (which you won’t, especially if you’re a woman. Or you have a handicap over 18), you can probably count out being welcomed with friendly, open arms.

Okay, so that's the bad news. But the good news is that there are plenty of other places you can tee-off this summer, and here's a full list.

LT Globetrotter

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