Pro Tips: Business Class Travel

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November 23, 2016
Pro Tips: Business Class Travel

Originally intended as a step above economy class with intermediate service, business class travel has morphed into something else entirely, with some airlines offering it as their highest level of service having eliminated first class.

Business class means a higher level of service than economy. That means better food and drinks, larger and more comfortable seats, and other amenities. The perks aren’t reserved just for the air either, with priority check-in and boarding, various ground services, and often admission into a comfortable and relaxing lounge as you wait to board your flight offered as extras.

A business class ticket offers a significant advantage over economy, particularly when it comes to long-haul flights. The extra legroom to stretch out or sleep is always nice, but can become a necessity when traveling for more than a few hours – especially if there’s an important meeting waiting in your destination!

The innovations in business class seating, incorporating features previously only found in first class, has narrowed the comfort and amenities gap with first class. These advances and added features have caused some airlines to remove or not install first class seating in their aircraft.

In both business and first classes, passengers enjoy complementary food and beverages. However, one of the main factors that can distinguish the different classes is that many airlines have “angled flat” beds in their premium cabins, meaning the seat extends backwards so you can have a more relaxing snooze during the flight (not quite the same thing as a bed that lies fully flat). Some airlines have fully flat beds in both business and first class, and some have them only in first.

Long-haul business class seats are substantially different from economy class seats and many airlines have installed “lie flat” seats into business class, whereas previously seats with such a recline were only available in international first class. On international flights that do offer both first and business class cabins, First class tickets can cost twice what a business class fare is on the same flight.

With so many options with varying product and service levels across the different airlines, it is even more imperative that you consult an expert when booking your business class airfare. Liberty Travel airfare experts know the ins and outs of premium class travel and will give you the expert advice you need when making the decision on which option is best for you.

On top of that, Flight Center has access to some of the best non-published business class fares in the market that can only be accessed by booking through an expert.

LT Globetrotter

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