The Night-and-Day Difference When Cruising

LT Globetrotter

November 27, 2017
Azamara Club Cruises Ship

Not your typical cruise experience, Azamara Club Cruises makes sailing the seas as elegant and unique as it was always meant to be.

With what they call Destination Immersion®, Azamara focuses on creating experiences at sea that are longer (in a good way) and more in-depth when in destination, dipping guests deep into the heart of the local culture. This means deep immersions into destinations as if you flew there – from experiencing the nightlife in Copenhagen, the countryside of France and Italy, bustling London in England, and a myriad of different explorations into some of Europe’s most fascinating on and off the beaten path cities and countries. From Scotland, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, Amsterdam, and other great destinations, the experience on land is just as important as it is getting there.

London Cruise

This approach across the pond is a great idea not only because of the emphasis on immersing in the destinations themselves, but also because of Azamara's boutique-style award-winning ships, which have an unparalleled advantage by being able to access the scenic waterways and the prime docking stations. It makes docking and getting out into the city or country that much easier.

Where the big cruise lines lack, Azamara capitalizes – docking with them is no mere sightseeing stop along the way; it’s part of the adventure.

On-Board is a Destination unto Itself

With a maximum of 690 guests on a single ship, the staff and people aboard have a camaraderie you won’t find on a larger ship. So much so, the staff and crew will probably learn your name, tastes, and preferences. And with lots of inclusive amenities on board, living the good life at sea comes easy.

With onboard shopping, bars, lounges, restaurants, private dining, entertainment, parties, cafés, wine cellar, casino, spa, and fitness center, on-deck necessities are taken care of and then some. Inclusions like non-alcoholic beverages, international beers, wines, select spirits, self-service laundry, shuttle service to and from port communities, and certain concierge services all are part of the deal.

Exotic Cruise

Best of all of the inclusions, on most voyages of seven or more nights, and totally in line with Azamara’s mission statement and Destination Immersion® philosophy, is AzAmazing Evenings®. These private bespoke events bring you closer to the local culture and its people, whether its experiencing the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra or seeing acrobats in Monaco. No matter what, these experiences drop you right in the center of what makes another culture so great.

When all’s said and done and it’s time to set sail, the bottom line is this: Azamara is the cruise line for people who truly love travel and are looking for an authentic voyage to some of the premier destinations in the world – especially to Europe! Contact a Liberty Travel consultant today to save on your next voyage to Europe in 2018 with Azamara Club Cruises – it will be the immersion of a lifetime.

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LT Globetrotter

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