Top 5 Things to Do in Salem

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May 13, 2020
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You can plan a trip to this legendary Halloween destination for the fall, when Salem gets the most visitors. Yet this captivating Massachusetts town is just as delightful in the summer, when you won't have to fight the crowds. Between the authentic New England cuisine, unique shops and boutiques, immersive tours, and endlessly rich history, this coastal city is bound to give all its visitors a blend of early American life and spooky traditions.

The arms-length list of museums, historical sights, tours, and outdoor activities is so extensive, we narrowed it down to these five best things to do that’ll give you the full Salem experience.


House of the Seven Gables

House of Seven Gables

Take a step back over 350 years in time by experiencing this colonial mansion built in 1668. You’ll discover unique architectural designs that are some of the oldest of its kind in North America. Not only was the house made famous by legendary author Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, The House of the Seven Gables, but it was his birthplace, too. Aside from its historical attributes, you can experience numerous activities and events changing throughout the year, such as the Hawthorne-based theatre performances, lecture series, and kids’ educational programs.


Black Cat Historical Walking Tours

Historical Salem Tour

The Black Cat Walking tours gives visitors the all-around Salem experience and lets you see the city through a different lens. The day tour will uncover Salem’s storied past through sites such as the Old London Coffee House, Witch Trials Memorial, The Old Town Hall, and various spots that inspired historic American literature. The night tour will flip the switch down a spookier path, as tour guides will take you to the most haunted sites in the nation. Here you will see and learn about all the ghostly stories that make Salem such an eerie phenomenon.


Salem Witch Museum

Witch Museum Salem

Of all the many things to do in Salem – especially involving witches – the Salem Witch Museum is a must. You’ll see the Witch Trials of 1692 based upon actual trial documents and presented through a series of dramatic sets and lighting. During the second exhibit, Witches: Evolving Perceptions, live guides will lead you through the changing perception of witches, the truth behind them, and witchcraft practice that even exists today. For those fascinated by lore of witch hunts and witchcraft, this is the spot that will answer all your questions on this fabled piece of history.


Sail on the Fame

Salem Sailing

For both a breath of the fresh New England air and fun for all ages, the Fame is the perfect way to see Salem from sea. As the #1 ranked outdoor activity in town, you’ll get a chance to sail the Salem sound from Pickering Wharf Marina to downtown Salem. This sailing adventure will let you understand the city from the perspective of fishermen and traders that played an essential role in the history of Salem. The Fame is a full-scale replica of a privateer schooner from the War of 1812, and you will even get to raise the sails and steer the boat!


Salem Willows

Salem Willows

If you’re looking for a place to sit back and take in the scenic nature of Salem, there isn’t a place more perfect than Salem Willows. This oceanfront neighborhood and amusement park is named for the European white willow trees planted there in 1801. It features beaches, shops, restaurants, a public pier, children’s rides, arcades, and a bandstand – making it the ideal spot for a picnic in the right weather. It is also home to the famous saltwater taffy, homemade ice cream, and “best popcorn in New England” store – E.W. Hobbs, Inc., which opened in 1897.


Whether you’re a Halloween enthusiast, literature and history buff, or are simply looking to enjoy the gorgeous New England landscapes, there is an endless itinerary of great things to see and do in Salem, Massachusetts. Talk to your Liberty Travel consultant to get started, who’ll offer end-to-end travel planning for every kind of trip, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing.


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