The Ultimate Travel Companion

LT Globetrotter

September 27, 2017
The Ultimate Travel Companion

A travel consultant succeeds when your trip is seamless from start to finish, but it’s those unforeseen events – hurricanes, earthquakes, natural disasters – where they truly shine.

Before and following the recent events of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, as well as the devastating earthquake off the coast of Chiapas, Mexico, our travel consultants sprang into action and worked around the clock to help travelers find their way home. Here are just a few of the success stories our 800+ consultants helped to make possible over the past few weeks.

Georgine Bitsko, Liberty Travel consultant in New York – The airline representatives in Puerto Rico kept telling my clients there were no seats available for flights out. I advised my customers to get to the airport and then managed to get them on the last flight leaving the island, thanks to availability in our internal booking system. They safely returned to New York with a resort refund for the final night of their stay.

Bethany Steves, Liberty Travel consultant in Syracuse - I had clients who were scheduled to go to Aruba with a connecting flight through Fort Lauderdale, but all the flights were cancelled in Florida. My team leader and I did some searching and thinking on our toes, and got the clients accommodated with direct flights to Punta Cana at no additional cost. In fact, they will be getting money back.

Ilyse Agi, Liberty Travel Team Leader in Philadelphia, PA – Sometimes even a travel agent needs a travel agent. I was in Punta Cana and tried to change my flight, so I can come home early and beat the storm. The options on all the websites were double connections with overnight stays. Costs were well over $1,500 per person. I was getting worried as there was talk of evacuating the resort. Kimberly Delgado, a travel consultant at Mays Landing, found me a nonstop flight from Santo Domingo to JFK for that evening at half the cost of anything else I was seeing. That flight never came over as an option on any website that I checked. This is an example of why you need a travel agent.

Rebecca Adamson, Liberty Travel Team Leader in Allentown - I booked eight people upon a Norwegian Cruise Line voyage for Sept. 2nd and gave the clients my cell number to keep in contact. I also kept in touch with Norwegian Cruise Line to give the customer regular updates. The clients sailed as scheduled, but on Tuesday, I received word the ship was returning to Miami the next day. No sooner did I receive the call, I worked to secure my clients two hotel rooms by the Miami airport and found them flights home. They had a great vacation and felt secure there was someone helping get them home.

Katy LaJuett, Liberty Travel consultant in Rochester - Last week I had clients cruising who were impacted by Hurricane Irma. They ended up being stuck out at sea with minimal to no cell service and needed help figuring out what was going on and how they would be able to get home. They ended up Facebook messaging our store since this was the easiest way to contact us from the ship. We communicated this way for days, sorting out their flights and figuring out when they would be getting off the ship. The clients were so thankful and relieved they had a travel agent as their advocate.

Dominick Chiappetta, Liberty Travel consultant in Chicago - My clients were all set to travel to St. Maarten for their honeymoon when Irma struck and left them devastated. Although they purchased trip protection, my clients’ main concern was still celebrating the big day on the original dates. I called the airline, and the customer service agent rebooked my clients to Barbados. He waved any penalties and gave them a credit because this fare was cheaper. I was able to book my clients at a different hotel that offered similar amenities, but they received free spa services. So what could have been a disaster, turned out to be an even better honeymoon than originally planned.

A Liberty Travel consultant is your ultimate travel companion. Our job doesn’t end when the trip is booked. We are here for our travelers before, during, and after their getaway, and to smooth out any bumps along the way.

Building a brighter future in the communities where we work and travel, Liberty Travel is proud to be a part of the Flight Centre Foundation, which works closely with Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, the Humane Society of the United States, and Earth Share.

LT Globetrotter

As fellow travelers, our people are always on the move discovering new destinations. On the occasions they take a break from exploring, they love to write up a few stories about their adventures before they leave for the next one, so you can enjoy expert tips, news, and recommendations to use for your own travels.

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