Vacations for Every Type of Mom

LT Globetrotter

May 8, 2019
Vacations for every mom

There’s no better way to bond with mom than by sharing an unforgettable trip together. And who’s a better travel buddy than your mother? To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’ve got some great ideas on where to take your favorite gal for a fun girls’ getaway. And the best part is we found the ideal places for you to spoil her with a vacation that perfectly fits her personal interests.

For the Wine Connoisseur

Sonoma, California vineyard

If you have a vino-loving mom who wants to explore wine country beyond Napa, plan a wine weekend in California’s Sonoma County. With more than 425 wineries, this is the place to go for sipping and nibbling. From high-end wine castles to charming mom-and-pop wineries, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourselves in the exquisite educational and gourmet experiences that Sonoma has to offer. Sample and savor local flavors at wine tastings and take a tram tour through lush vineyards. And if mom likes more than wine, you can check out Sonoma County’s thriving craft breweries, distilleries, and cider houses as well.

For the Foodie

Montepulciano in Tuscany, Italy

Is your mother a proud home chef? Then she probably would jump at the chance for a taste of the dolce vita with you in the heart of Tuscany. Head to Italy together to learn some new recipes from master chefs in Montepulciano, a dream culinary destination for amateur chefs. Rolling hills, fresh ingredients, and quality time with mamma in the Italian countryside? Something tells us you won’t have to try hard to convince her to go.

For the Nature Enthusiast

Whistler in British Columbia, Canada

Ah, the great outdoors. Nothing inspires togetherness (and wellness) quite like being surrounded by nature. And if your mom craves dramatic flourishing backdrops, consider checking out Whistler in British Columbia. This Canadian adventure hotspot offers excellent skiing, mountain biking, hiking opportunities, as well as jaw-dropping views. Plus, you’ll find plenty of inspiring open spaces in which to try some outdoor yoga and meditation or forest bathing.

For the Beach Lover

Paradise Island, Bahamas

If all she wants to do is channel her inner beach bum, then why not spend a few days relaxing in the Bahamas? Find your bliss in the Caribbean’s crystal-clear waters, pristine white sand, and smile-inducing palm trees. Oh, and don’t forget those blue skies and warm sunshine! Paradise Island is perfect for all ages, whether you want to lounge poolside or take in a rejuvenating spa treatment with mom.

For the Fashionista

Paris, France

Is shopping your mom’s favorite type of cardio? Take it up a notch by doing some retail therapy in none other than the fashion capital of the world. You’ll love wandering the streets of Paris with mom as you check out every kind of shop there is. And just imagine all the fashion inspiration she’ll get just by people watching the locals. When you get tired of all that “cardio,” drop your bags off at your hotel and head to some fabulous restaurant or museum. Paris really has it all and will charm you with its unique magic on every corner, so you’ll get bonus points there if she’s also into good food, history, or art.

For the Spiritual Seeker

Bali, Indonesia

Find some inner peace with mom in beautiful Bali. If you both bonded over Eat, Pray, Love, then look no further. It may be a longer journey, but some might say that such is the path to enlightenment. Get some Zen at a yoga retreat or take some surf lessons with her. Try some guided meditations, go for a massage, or simply enjoy your scenic surroundings.

No matter where you choose to go, these destinations are sure to deepen your relationship with mom. So, see what suits her best and don’t hesitate to plan your next mother-daughter travel adventure. You’ll never regret setting aside time to spend with the most special lady in your life.

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