Anne Drescher, travel agent

Anne Drescher

Independent Affiliate
37 years in travel
Wharton, NJ

About Me

See the world! It's been my mantra ever since posting it in my high school yearbook all those years ago. My extensive career in travel has allowed me to pursue my lifelong ambition, so the journey continues. Whether it be the turquoise water and pristine, white beaches of Bora Bora, the experience of the Bible coming to life in Israel, or the inspiring sights, food delicacies, and warmth of the people of Italy, travel enriches my soul. Being a travel advisor allows me to take my passion for travel and help others create their cherished memories. My number one packing tip is to have a change of destination-appropriate clothing (bathing suit, shorts, comfortable shoes, etc.) readily available in your suitcase. This lets you begin your travel experience right away, rather than waiting for check-in. The best travel advice I give my clients is, "When in Rome..." because experiencing everything the destination has to offer—its food, culture, and people—is at the heart of what it means to travel. See the world!

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