8 Wondrous Things to Do in St. Lucia

LT Globetrotter

March 29, 2016
8 Wondrous Things to Do in St. Lucia

Sometimes you want to relax on a beach and sometimes you want to drive through a volcano. In St. Lucia, you can do both—and seven other awe-inspiring activities. Check out these unique experiences that you can do in the tropical paradise of St. Lucia.

Drive-Through Volcano Tour

Drive-Through Volcano Tour

The only “drive-in” volcano in the world, Soufriere Volcano, locally known as Sulphur Springs, welcomes guests to drive through the crater of the volcano where you’ll see—and smell—the steam and sulfur, along with boiling mud and water. While you can’t actually drive through the volcano, you can drive near the crater and walk the rest of the way to the steaming opening. Worried about an eruption? Don’t be. This volcano last erupted in 1766. Still, the hottest attraction in St. Lucia, Sulphur Springs is the most active geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles, and temperatures as hot as 341°F have been recorded. A tour showcases two waterfalls, two hot water bathing pools, and the boiling springs, plus includes the interpretation center.

Toraille Waterfalls

Also located in Sulphur Springs, these magnificent waterfalls tumble more than 50 feet off a cliff into a lovely pool, where you can take a refreshing dip. On certain days, you can enjoy the unique hydrotherapy the waterfalls offer. Easily accessible, the Toraille Waterfalls have the proper signage for easy locating and a car park. Don’t miss out on the nearby botanical garden or manmade plunge pool.

Tet Paul Nature Trail

Tet Paul Nature Trail

With views of the Pitons and the islands of Martinique and St. Vincent, you’ll be wowed by Tet Paul Nature Trail. It’s located just 10 minutes from the town of Soufriere and offer a glimpse into St. Lucia’s past, present, and delicious vegetation with a working organic farm, a traditional house, and exotic plants and trees growing along the trail. Make sure to use a guide who can explain the history and culture of St. Lucia and the trail.

Sulphur Springs Mud Bath

Historians claim that the Arawaks believe Yokahu, their God of Fire, slept under the bubbling Sulphur Springs pools, but a local businessman built the Ventine Baths in 1900 to channel the water’s natural elements. Now the baths have two major areas—the Black Water Pool and the Pool of Love, which reach a relaxing 101.6°F. The therapeutic qualities of the water and mud have been known to help reduce stress and skin aliments.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

One of the oldest and best-preserved estates on St. Lucia, the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens sit in the natural gorge on the edge of Sulphur Springs and offers a variety of cultural and eco-tourism attractions, such as the black Diamond Falls, which flow from the springs; mineral baths originally built in 1784 by French troops; the historic Soufriere Estate House, one of the oldest and best-preserved estates on the island; a nature trail through the tropical rainforest; and of course, the botanical gardens with exotic flowers and magnificent blooms.

Lushan Country Life Nature Experience Trail Tour

Enjoy delicious fresh fruit and learn how to make bird calls with a rainforest encounter in Castries. At the Lushan Country Life Nature Park, you can cut open your own coconut and visit rebuilt Amerindian huts that show how the indigenous people lived before Europeans arrived on the island. Listen to folktales and learn secrets of local cooking before enjoying a scrumptious lunch and taking a short trek through the forest.

Pigeon Island National Landmark

Pigeon Island National Landmark

A national park and landmark, Pigeon Island is a 44-acre living museum that once housed British and French forces and still holds ruins from military buildings, two picturesque beaches, an 18th-century English pub, a restaurant named after a pirate with a wooden leg who occupied the island, and an interpretation center that highlights the island’s history. The island features spectacular natural elements, too, like twin peaks, a tropical rainforest, and grasslands.

Splash Island Water Park

The Caribbean’s first open-water sports park, Splash Island opened in August 2015 and features an inflatable obstacle course with a trampoline, swing, slide, hurdles, double rocker, flip, and more fun challenges. This safe and exciting attraction is staffed by certified lifeguards, and all water park guests must wear life vests. So enjoy a day at the park and see how well you can take on the course!

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