Travel Consultant Tuesday: Ilyse Agi

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June 5, 2018
Travel Consultant Tuesday: Ilyse Agi

With a world of travel experience under her belt, Philadelphia-based Liberty Travel consultant Ilyse helps her undecided travelers find the perfect vacation experience for them.

What inspired you to become a travel consultant?
I started with Liberty Travel twenty years ago. My friends and family weren’t at all surprised that I decided to pursue this path, in fact, my mom was a big advocate of me becoming a travel consultant. With the first couple years, I fell in love with the people, the customers, the job itself and of course, the traveling. I’ve made a ton of friendships over the years. It’s so rewarding to know that I’ve made friendships not only within the company but with so many of my customers.

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Can you think of any time that you’ve visited a destination and felt truly transported to a new culture?
When I went to Barcelona – with my brother last year – I absolutely fell in love with that city. It’s a short flight which makes it an easy trip. The people there were very laid back, which made me feel so relaxed. There was so much to do there! From the food to visiting the Gothic quarter, it was the perfect city getaway. I came back saying I want to go back like, next week.

Barcelona, Spain
Ilyse fondly remembers Barcelona as an easily-navigable city with something for everyone.

Why should someone plan their vacation with you in the age of online booking?
The advantage of using a travel consultant is that we’ll do all of the legwork for you. Whether it be a cruise or if you’re going on a Disney vacation, there is a lot of pre-planning that goes along with these types of trips. We will help you every step of the way to make sure the process is easy for you. Booking with myself or my team, you’re going to get our first-hand experience. Being a part of a global network and working here at Liberty Travel, we have – in particular here at the Philly Travel Center – over 200 years of knowledge between the twenty travel experts working here. We can help you pick the right vacation for you. If you’re not sure exactly where to go, how long to go for, what to see, what to do, we can help.

Whether it be a cruise, beach getaway or city trip, Ilyse and her team have the resources to help simplify the planning process.

If I were interested in booking a honeymoon with Liberty Travel, what could I expect?
When booking your honeymoon with Liberty Travel, we help remove the stress from the decision-making process. We specialize in any destination, whether it be Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Tahiti, Europe, we’ll send you on your adventure wherever it is you choose.

With so many logistics to consider, enlisting a travel consultant to help plan a honeymoon takes the pressure off busy couples.

Speaking of specialties, where in the world do you specialize in sending customers?
I’ve been to many places in the Caribbean and Mexico. We will help narrow down which islands would be best for travelers. Also based on what time of year they are traveling and what they’re traveling for, we can find the best destination. Then we look at finding the right resort to suit their needs.

Having traveled extensively in the Caribbean and Mexico, Ilyse is able to help travelers pick the perfect spot for them.

What do you think people would be most surprised to learn about your role as a travel consultant?
Customers are often surprised that we don't charge a fee for our services, yet we'll always work to find them the best pricing for their trip. We can help them travel anywhere in the world! There is a misconception that travel agencies aren't in business anymore, so when customers walk into our beautiful downtown shop, they are often shocked at how big our office is. I've worked at six locations during my time with Liberty Travel, but the Travel Center is a real showstopper!

Philadelphia Travel Center
Located at 1526 Chestnut Street, travelers are welcomed to sit back and relax while planning their adventure.

How can travelers get in touch with you to start planning their next vacation?
For those in the Philadelphia-area, I'd love to schedule a complimentary in-person consultation at our location on Chestnut Street. Otherwise, I'm reachable via email at

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