Travel Consultant Tuesday: Rose Germano

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August 21, 2018
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This week on Travel Consultant Tuesday, we met up with Rose Germano to hear all about her impressive travel repertoire – 35 countries and counting! Read on to learn what she says is trending in travel and her answer to the age-old question, checked bag or carry on?


Has travel always played a big role in your life? 

Yes, I have been traveling my whole life. When I was young, my family moved to Australia for a few years and that kind of sparked the travel bug from there. We traveled a lot, and during our trips my parents would always take us to do a little volunteer work at the end, so we could really appreciate the culture and country that we were visiting. 

Volunteer Tourism
Volunteering abroad played a big part in Rose's love for travel.

It was a real in-depth experience and that inspired me to get my degree in social work, specializing in third world development. In college, I had the opportunity to do a lot of volunteer work internationally. I spent one summer in Ecuador teaching women how to speak English and about sustainable energy. We also built greenhouses for the community. 

What kind of trips did your family like to take? 

My parents believe that you can learn a lot outside of the classroom, so we would always usually take one large trip a year. We visited Africa, South America, and Asia. During the trips we would always do some touristy sightseeing mixed with volunteering, and we were able to incorporate that into an educational experience. Growing up traveling with my brothers made us a really close family. 

A cruise to the Galapagos is one of Rose's fondest travel memories.

Can you share one of your most memorable travel stories with us? 

A Galapagos cruise was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever been on. It was like a completely untouched world, and I loved seeing all the animals. You really had to restrain yourself because the animals were so forthcoming and wanted to come up to play with you. I also thought it was pretty interesting that they hose you down when you get back on board from being on the island or in the water. They don’t want you to contaminate one island from another. They are very conscious of the ecological footprint and making sure that tourism is responsible in that area. 

Window Seat View
With views like this, it's no wonder Rose loves the window seat.

Are you a window or aisle seat girl?

I’m absolutely a window kind of girl. I love to curl up into a ball, get my blanket, and put on a movie. I can sit through a 14-hour flight no problem curled up against the window. 

Do you check a bag or go carry-on? 

Carry on all the way! I like to have it on me because I like to be on the go. I only ever once had to check a bag when I was heading to Alaska and had a lot of bulky material. But other than that, always a carry on. 

Do you prefer city or beach?

Oooh. If mountain was an option, I’d definitely go with that! But, city or beach? Probably beach only because of the warm weather. I like to stay warm when I travel. But I do love the cities, as well. I love them all around actually! 

Travel Photography
Rose always has a camera in hand when traveling.

What’s your favorite travel tip? 

I would say my number one travel tip is to always have your camera ready. You never know what you’re going to see, and there’s always something exciting around the next corner. Besides my passport, my must-have travel item is going to be my camera. It is always with me, and I love to come back after a trip and see what I’ve gathered. 

Swiss Alps
Skiing in the Swiss Alps was a dream come true for Rose.

What destinations will you be crossing off your list in 2018? 

I got to cross off Switzerland in February – skiing in the Alps was definitely on the bucket list! I hope to visit France in the fall to see some of the wineries and fall foliage. And hopefully, some more Caribbean destinations thrown in there for some fun in the sun.  

French Winery
France's beautiful wineries are calling.

What inspired you to become a Liberty Travel consultant? 

I was on the Galapagos cruise where I met a travel agent. I was there with my family, and there was a group of travel agents on the trip. I started talking with an agent who was closer to my age, and I decided it was something I wanted to try out. When I got back, I applied and here I am! Nobody was surprised that I went into the travel industry. Friends and family were coming to me before for travel advice, so it seemed like a pretty easy path to take.

What are the benefits to booking with you versus online?

The benefits to booking through me as opposed to online is you’re going to get that personalized experience. We can sit down face to face and plan the custom itinerary you’re looking for. We can compare prices, compare destinations, and get you exactly what you need. 

Being a traveler myself has made me an effective travel consultant because I’ve been able to match my first-hand experiences with what clients are looking for. I have been lucky to have visited 35 countries, so I’ve been able to relate that knowledge to my clients. 

Croatia is just one of the 35 countries where Rose can share personal recommendations to her clients.

What are the steps to planning the perfect vacation for your clients? 

We help our clients figure out the best package for them by narrowing it down. First, we start with the destination and figuring out what they like. Then we move on to the hotels and see what type of amenities and services they’re looking for. And then we complete the package with whatever types of experiences they’re looking for.

Are there any trends in travel you’re seeing right now?

The current travel trends that I have been seeing are a lot of Southeast Asia honeymoons. Iceland and central America are also really popular at the moment.  

Thai Honeymoon
Honeymoons to exotic destinations like Thailand are on the rise.

Why do you think vacations count? 

I believe vacations count because they teach you about the world and your surroundings. It’s the best way to figure out who you are and find out what you love in life. I think you bring back so much knowledge and experience that you can take into your life, and here at Liberty Travel, we love connecting you with those experiences. 

How can travelers reach you to start planning their next adventure?

Travelers can come visit me at our Liberty Travel store in the Exton Square Mall (PA), where we can sit down and plan a custom vacation together. If their not in the area, I can also be reached via email at I’m excited to help you plan your next adventure!

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