​You Gotta Regatta in Antigua

LT Globetrotter

November 1, 2017
​You Gotta Regatta in Antigua

Regattas – or yacht races – tend to be surrounded by a festive atmosphere full of cocktail hours, activities, and boat or yacht shows, showcasing the beauty of some of the nicest (and most expensive) vessels sitting on our seas. When in Antigua, however, you’ll get to experience all of this with the added bonus of being situated in Caribbean paradise. That means beach parties, too.

Where Nautical Life Meets Pure Paradise

For all-out glamorous or all-out casual fun, attending Antigua Sailing Week is something worth sailing out (or flying) for. If you can’t make it for Sailing Week, the seas here are always ideal for sailing anyway, and yachts are always docked. Nowhere else in the world is more equipped for yachting and sailing than Antigua, where the constant trade winds, endless harborfronts, and Caribbean backdrop make for more than a paradisiacal sailing (or viewing) experience. On crystalline waters where you’ll be able to watch an anchor drop to the bottom, sailing here is nothing less than total bliss.

The first regatta set sail in 1967, and sailing week in Antigua has grown ever since. The now premier regatta is worth making a journey for, where spotting million-dollar yachts every which way is the norm. During Classics Week, thesepricey yachts come with deep histories and a classic look to match. Along with all the stunning modern, sleek, and incredibly fast yachts, visitors to Antigua will also be treated to these older, preserved beauties.

Seaside Town, With Caribbean Vibes

You can just picture it – that same beauty you’d find at some of the world’s best seaside towns, cities, and villages, where the cuisine, calm way of life, and water adventures all call on throngs of crowds to visit. Most of these maritime settings have that fateful window of opportunity, however, usually in summer. Not in Antigua. Antigua’s year-round, Caribbean tropical beauty creates beautiful turquoise waters that lead onto soft, sandy beaches (in fact, 365 of them, one for every day of the year), with seemingly endless harbors and docks that are state-of-the-art and simply legendary.

Most Legendary Being Nelson’s Dockyard

Fully restored to reflect its 18th and 19th century origins, the quaint harborfront’s stunning architecture, shops, hotels, and marina atmosphere mix with natural beauty that you can’t find anywhere else. The only Georgian naval dockyard in the entire world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nelson’s Dockyard was heavily used in wartimes. It is now used as a museum and several buildings stand as a memorial to Admiral Horatio Nelson and the Royal Navy. Here you’ll get to enjoy excellenct restaurants, art galleries, a dip into history, and boutique shops for an eclectic experience similar to other harborside destinations – but with a big dose of tropical perfection blanketing it all.

Fortify the Perfect Vacation

Within the famous English Harbour, Nelson’s Dockyard sits beside other great spots like the Shirley Heights Lookout, where breathtaking views look down onto the Antiguan water and English Harbour itself. Fort Berkeley rests here, representing a history that goes back to the early 18th century. Once an important military defense site, it is now a great vantage point to the world’s most beautiful yachts. Fort George immerses you even deeper into history, to the 17th century, featuring ruins of original buildings and military cannons.

Sailing into the Tropical Sunset

With so many harbors come so many yachts. In the Caribbean’s sailing capital, yachting is more than a hobby or an activity – it’s a way of life. During Antigua Sailing Week, the yachts race, attendees party on the beach, and all have an excuse to dress up for an event of a lifetime. Cocktail parties lead into award ceremonies, and race days boost the adrenaline. Great activities surrounding the event abound and make for a thrilling, relaxing, and amazing getaway. From fun and festive to all-out glamorous, the events here are unforgettable. If you can, this is a special week to make your vacation to Antigua.

With ideal sailing conditions and such a breadth of history, Antigua is a must-stop along the seaward trail for yachting enthusiasts or those just looking for a unique stop in the Caribbean. Sailing to these perfect seas is a must. Contact a travel consultant today at 1.888.271.1584 to climb on deck for a vacation that will be smooth sailing and then some.

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