Experience views of Shinto temples and Mount Fiji with Japan vacation packages

Japan Vacation Packages: Past & Future

A mystifying blend of modern and ancient, every aspect of Japan will leave you fascinated. This "Land of the Rising Sun" with Cherry Blossoms, sushi, saké and Zen gardens, that are so integrated in world culture, is a bucket-list destination for most. Whether you immerse yourself in the hustle-bustle of Tokyo, the traditional splendor of Kyoto or the volcanic hot springs of Fukuoka’s—Japan's blend of tradition, natural wonder, and ultra-modernity makes it a country unlike any other. Enjoy a customized Japan vacation package by Liberty Travel to soak in everything it has to offer.

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Japan at a Glance

Currency: Yen

Tipping Customs: Tipping is not expected.

Language: Japanese

Popular Drink: Matcha Latte

Must Eat: Yakitori – skewered meat

Power Up: Plug type A and B 100V

Weather: Generally temperate, with four distinct seasons.

Best Time to Visit: March-May and from September-November.

Japan Deals

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Tour historic temples and torii gates with Japan vacation packages

Top Things to Do in Japan

Visit Mt. Fuji
Whether you hike to the top or take it all in from the observation deck, visiting this UNESCO World Heritage site is an unforgettable experience.

Go on a fast ride
Hop onto a Japan Railways bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, and watch the Japanese countryside whiz by in a 220 mph blur.

Indulge in sushi
Dine on the finest sushi, served at popular hole-in-the-wall joints to Michelin-starred masterpieces in Tokyo.

Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
A symbol of lasting peace, the park commemorates the victims of the world's first nuclear attack.

Explore historic Kyoto
One of the few cities spared the devastation of World War II, the streets and architecture have remained unchanged for over 1,000 years.

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Japan Vacation Packages: Land of the Rising Sun the Liberty Travel Way

Whether you’re looking to explore Japan like a local, or soak in its iconic sites like a tourist, Liberty Travel’s consultants can create a Japan vacation package crafted just for you.

When you book with us, you get:

  • Real People. More than a travel agent, your Japan consultant is a fellow traveler with a passion to help you see the world.
  • Perfect Match. We’ll pair you with a destination expert who has insider knowledge of Japan for a truly personalized booking experience.
  • Crafted Vacations. Stay in hand-selected hotels. Get connected with local guides and enriching experiences. Choose from among our exclusive Japan vacation packages.

We know Japan. Leave the planning to us.

The Liberty Travel Experience

At Liberty Travel it’s the people who make a difference. Our travel experts craft the perfect trip for every traveler through our award-winning customer service. Real people helping real people. Beside you every step of the way.

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