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Panama Vacations: Beaches East to West

Panama is a land of rainforests, exotic wildlife, and stunning Caribbean and Pacific beaches. While many visitors come to Panama for its wilderness escapes, most come for the Panama Canal, a 50-mile waterway that links the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Don’t let the canal’s relatively short distance fool you. This stretch of water is an engineering wonder. The Gatun, the Pedro Miguel, and the Miraflores locks flood with water, lifting ships above sea level, allowing them to complete their journey between two oceans. Cruise the canal or visit the locks with Liberty Travel.

Panama vacation map

Panama at a Glance

Currency: Panamanian Balboa (B/.) and U.S. Dollar ($)

Tipping Customs: Tip 10%

Language: Spanish

Popular Drink: Seco

Must Eat: Sancocho

Power Up: A and B (two and three-prong type) 110 V

Weather: The forecast is 82˚ and sunny, with high humidity

Best Time to Visit: Visit during the dry season, mid-December to April

Panama Deals

Going through the locks of the Panama Canal

Top Things to Do in Panama

Visit the Locks
Learn about the Panama Canal’s engineering marvels at the Miraflores, Gatun, or Pedro Miguel locks, where you can see massive ships navigating this impressive technological feat.

Walk or Bike the Amador Causeway
The Amador Causeway connects Panama City to the islands of Naos, Culebra, Perico, and Flamenco—walk or bike it for the best views.

Escape to the Islands of Guna Yala
If you’re looking for an exotic Caribbean beach escape—the 365 islands of Guna Yala deliver talcum-powder soft sand, technicolor bright water, and stunning coral reefs.

Find a Deal
Panama City is a world trading hub, meaning you can find incredible shopping deals throughout the city; for more traditional crafts visit the Centro de Artesania de Panama Viejo.

See Two Oceans
From the top of Volcan Barú, you can see both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans on a clear day.

Blue and yellow Macaw parrot native to Panama

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