South America Tours

South America truly sprawls out in an unmatched diverse landscape, offering up endless opportunities for any type of traveler. With ancient villages, museums, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, South America has one of the richest histories and cultures in the world, and with this comes just as many modern delights – beaches, bustling and revitalized cities, quaint towns, and a natural beauty just as beautiful today as it ever was in its storied past.

Needless to say – there’s a lot to see when making your way through South America! No better way to experience this expansive land than through comprehensive South America guided tours. Don’t miss an ancient village or an opportunity for a perfect pisco sour. Follow the lead – with the guidance of local leaders from Intrepid Travel, the local guides from Cosmos and Peregrine, or the travel directors and local specialists from Trafalgar, you won’t miss a South American thing! Explore Colombia’s stunning terrain, rich history, and vibrant cities. Experience epic Peru. Sip the wines of Chile and Argentina. Find your beach in Brazil. South America small group tours are the way to head down south!

Not sure if South America is the right place for your next getaway? No problem! Talk to one of our travel consultants to find out.

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Benefits of South America Vacation Tour Packages

  • Vacation tours and travel to epic South America destinations
  • Immersive cultural explorations, usually including an English-speaking local guide giving you expert knowledge of the destination
  • Expedited access to major historical and cultural attractions, allowing you to see more than you could on your own
  • Detailed itineraries to enjoy cultural sights and experiences but with the free time and flexibility for personal exploration
  • Travel tours tailored to your age, activity level, and interests for maximum enjoyment
  • Dining, with select tour packages including certain meals and allowing options to taste local delights on your own

South America Excursions and Things to Do While You Are There

  • Corcovado Mountain – A stunning mountain in its own right, with absolutely breathtaking views of Rio de Janeiro, this is also the location of Christ the Redeemer, an almost 100-foot statue that is an iconic must-see, regardless of religious orientation. One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, this outspread-armed statue of Jesus has something very magical about it, and this is definitely a magical spot on the mountain in every way.
  • Ballestas Islands – Peru’s “mini Galapagos” does not disappoint. Spot pelicans, blue-footed boobies, sea lions, bright sea stars, penguins, and more birds than the eye can see! These protected islands are a marine biologist’s dream – make sure you bring your camera!
  • Machu Picchu – One of the most epic destinations in the world, this ancient Incan citadel atop the stunning Andes Mountains is teeming with panoramic views and alpacas! Bask in wonder at this 15th century creation, the Lost City of the Incas.
  • Iguazu Falls – Meaning “big water,” this is no exaggeration! Seen both from Brazil and Argentina, these majestic and awe-inspiring falls are actually taller and wider than that of Niagara. Most of the thundering water lands in what is known as the Devil’s Throat, an epic chasm. This is natural beauty on a whole new scale.
  • Nazca Lines – Oh, those mysterious Nazca Lines! Seen from above, these geometric lines, believed to be formed by the Nazca peoples around 50 A.D., zigzag perfectly to form shapes and animals, like the monkey and hummingbird. Their perfect geometry has sparked theories involving aliens, though professionals in many fields believe the lines to be mostly related to irrigation, with a dash of ritual and prayer. You be the judge!
  • Bustling to Quaint, Check out These Towns & Cities – All that expansive land means plenty of views, stunning landscapes, and World Heritage Sites – but South America also boasts unique cities and towns that will guarantee a great time. Cartagena, Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Cuzco, San Gil, San Blas, Santiago – you pick the pace, South America’s got it.

How to Book Tours in South America

Liberty Travel has long trusting partnerships with the top tour companies in the industry, who go above and beyond for our clients. Our travel consultants have the expert knowledge, professional training, and personal experience to find South America small group tours that are right for you. With personal one-on-one attention and 24/7 support, you can travel with confidence knowing we are here for you throughout your adventure.

In order to book your South America guided tour –

  1. Visit or call one of more than 125 Liberty Travel store locations nationwide, including flagship locations in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago.
  2. Fill out an inquiry form to email a consultant.
  3. Click on the red banner at the bottom right-hand corner to chat with a consultant now.

In between sipping world-class wines and cups of coffee, find the natural beauty and history unique only to South America. Go from cozy cafés to Christ the Redeemer, from hanging out with a shaman to riding a jungle train through the rainforest near the Iguazu Falls. This is an eclectic region, one ideal to explore through South America excursions. Don’t let time get in your way – get touring!

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