5 Cutest Animals of Australia

LT Globetrotter

August 2, 2018

Australia sometimes gets a bad rap when it comes to its animals. People assume they have mythical creatures that are large, fast, ominous, and deadly. But don’t let this hyperbole turn you away. We’re here to tell you that their real, friendly locals are actually incredibly cute.

1. Platypus


Legend has it – actually, National Geographic claims it as fact – that the first scientists to study this animal believed they were the victims of a hoax. The bottom line is that the platypus looks like it’s wearing a crock on its nose. Which is, of course, incredibly cute. The animal is seemingly a mish mosh of a duck, hence the crock on its face, a.k.a. its bill, a beaver because of its tail, and an otter because of its body and fur.

2. Wombat


If you don’t find this ball of fur cute, you need to get examined by scientists yourself. Wombats are also really cute because they all love their mothers so much that they remain in their mother’s pouch for five whole months, continuing to crawl back in for another two months or so if they feel scared. Which they will, because they’re tiny and cute when young.

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3. Koala


Koalas also love their mothers, but maybe more so their sleep. They rarely will leave their comfy eucalyptus trees, sleeping up to 18 hours a day. And when they’re awake? They feed off of the eucalyptus trees themselves, essentially still not moving anywhere. And, also given as fact by National Geographic, their scent is “reminiscent of cough drops.” What’s cuter than a koala in a eucalyptus tree who smells like cough drops?

4. Quokka


Evidently the world’s happiest animal, the quokka is also seemingly partial to taking smiling selfies. Found mainly in Western Australia, these little cute creatures are a small wallaby species, with fluffy ears. Also, its name rhymes with mocha and they hop around like kangaroos, which brings us to one more iconic cutie.

5. Kangaroo

Of course the kangaroo had to make this list. The quintessential Australian animal hops to the beat of its own drum, with strong hind legs that can let them leap up to 30 feet and travel more than 30 miles per hour. They’re also cute and majestic animals that are mesmerizing to watch.


Thinking of an Australian getaway? Scared about mythical creatures that probably don’t even exist? Don’t fret. Australia makes up for any doubts with twice as much cuteness.

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