Whale Watching Around the World

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August 2, 2018
Whale Watching Around the World

Not all regions of the Earth’s oceans are created equal. Some are that much better to spot those majestic sea mammals in their natural habitat. Next time you’re looking for your next great getaway, try matching it with one of these regions that are known for their amazing whale watching opportunities.

Australia & New Zealand

So, you’re looking for a big adventure on your next vacation. You’re thinking it’s time you took that long flight to Australia & New Zealand. You’ve heard so many great things about the cities, natural beauty, and iconic sites. But did you know it’s also a whale watching paradise? Here’s where you can spot them.

Whale watching in Australia and New Zealand

In Tasmania, check out Great Oyster Bay between May and July or between September and December to see humpbacks and southern right whales in their natural habitat.

In Queensland, Hervey Bay makes a literal celebration of the humpback’s arrival in July and August. Enjoy concerts, parades, and other festivities at the Hervey Bay Ocean Festival.

Kaikoura, on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, is a marine life paradise. It’s one of the only places to spot sperm whales all year long, orcas from December to March, and humpbacks in June and July.

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Whale watching in Baja California, Mexico (Puerto Vallarta & Los Cabos)

Baja California, Mexico (Puerto Vallarta & Los Cabos)

Pair your trip to tropical paradise with a whale watching excursion. As great as fun in the sun can be, nothing beats spotting whales while on your beach vacation. The west coast of Mexico offers incredible opportunities to do so.

Puerto Vallarta

Watch humpbacks in the Bay of Banderas off the Sea of Cortez from January to March. In January, the baby humpbacks are born, giving fantastic (and cute) opportunities to see the youngsters. They start getting stronger and more active in February. February and March are the best months to go whale watching in Puerto Vallarta.

Whale watching in Puerto Vallarta

Los Cabos

Similar to Puerto Vallarta, the whales come to the Sea of Cortez off the coast of Los Cabos for the warm waters and perfect conditions to breed. From December to April, you’ll have a great chance at seeing gray whales. They’re known for the gray patches that spot their dark skin.

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Whale watching in Scotland


If a unique European getaway is on your mind, Scotland is a fascinating destination with unique marine life, especially from May to August. In the Shetland Islands, an astounding amount of wildlife can be found, including an increasing number of orcas. Also spot minke whales, pilot whales, and sperm whales.

And though there are no guarantees, you can even try your hand at spotting Nessie (also known as the Loch Ness Monster) in Loch Ness. Worst case scenario, you’ll be on a beautiful lake with plenty of luxury accommodations.

Whale watching in Maui


From November to May you can make your perfect Maui trip that much more perfect by hanging out by nearby humpback whales, who have been coming to town since the ancient Polynesian era, which was 1-600 AD. You can’t blame them. Maui rivals any island paradise on planet earth. These whales have good taste.

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There really isn’t a best place to spot whales in their natural habitat. There are thrilling whale watching opportunities all over the world. Thinking of heading to any of these regions? Contact your local travel consultant to get started on your ideal vacation with a whale watching adventure.

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