5 Reasons Why Oasis Resorts Are Paradise for Kids (Parents, Too!)

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April 21, 2017
5 Reasons Why Oasis Resorts Are Paradise for Kids (Parents, Too!)

Hey kids, we know you have a lot of choices when it comes to where to go on your summer vacation, but if you want to have a blast while keeping mom and dad entertained, too, then pack your bags for the Grand Oasis Palm and Oasis Palm resorts.

Hang in there kids! Summer will be here sooner than you think. Days will be longer, weather warmer, and you’ll take a well-deserved break from another successful school year. The approach of summer also means it’s time to start planning this year’s family vacation, and if you want to have a blast while keeping mom and dad entertained, too, then pack your bags for the Grand Oasis Palm and Oasis Palm resorts.

Grand Oasis Palm and Oasis Palm resorts

Nestled on the prettiest piece of sand in Cancun, these all-inclusive hangouts boast delicious dining, world-class entertainment, and non-stop fun for both much-needed you time and for when you want to reconnect with parental units.

1. No Parents Allowed

Water fun at Grand Oasis Palm and Oasis Palm resorts

We know you love your parents, but sometimes you just need a break. The Kiddo Zone is the perfect place to unwind. This parent-free area has everything a kid could want; a pirate ship with water slides, video games, cooking classes, a movie theater, and a water trampoline. It’s your vacation, so relax or let loose as much as you want.

The Kiddo Zone

Lounge in sunbeds that are just the right size on the kids-only beach, or grab your new friends and head to the sandcastle zone to show off your mad sculpting skills. Make a splash at the swimming pool, or catch a show at the theater. The Kiddo Zone guarantees that this summer getaway is all about you.

2. Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A Pirate’s Life for You!

Captain Hook at Grand Oasis Palm

If you’ve ever wanted to hit the high seas and live like a pirate for a day, you’re in luck. Guests at the Grand Oasis Palm can climb aboard the Captain Hook and set sail on a two-hour adventure on the ocean where real pirates show you what it takes to be the best scallywag. Hunt for treasure, see sword fights, and play games on deck with your fellow sailors. Be sure to find your sea legs and practice your best “arrrggghhhh.”

3. Hungry, Hungry Kiddos!

Kiddo Zone food court

Did we mention that the Grand Oasis Palm and Oasis Palm are all-inclusive? Not sure what that means exactly? When all the fun you’re having has your tummy rumbling, stuff your face with as much of your favorite foods as you can swallow and leave your allowance in the room. The Kiddo Zone has its own food court filled with delicious bites that you can munch on as much as you want, whenever you want. Need to cool off with all the ice cream you can eat? Done. You’ll find all the sugary treats you crave at Sweet Palm. Chomp on a never-ending supply of chicken fingers, tacos, and cheeseburgers at the Petit restaurants when you need something delish. But try not to eat too fast. We know you want to get back to the fun.

4. Parental Supervision

Parents relaxing

While you’re off enjoying your kids-only time, you can play with ease knowing your parents are being well cared for and having fun. Drop mom and dad off at the spa to enjoy a rejuvenating massage by the sea. Set them up with a bali bed on the beach for a nice long day of fun in the sun. If they like games then they’ll love playing a round of golf on Cancun’s best courses. Let them search for the perfect souvenirs at the nearby shopping plazas.


We know parents can be picky, so that’s why they have three adult-friendly restaurants serving scrumptious grown-up dishes and 10 bars and lounges for them to sip on premium cocktails. It’s their vacation, too, and let’s face it, your parents deserve to be spoiled for all the ballet recitals and soccer practices you drag them to.

5. Family Matters

Family fun

While we’re sure everyone will enjoy their special time apart, be sure you pick up the parents to make memories together – this is a family vacation, after all. Jump in a kayak with dad and paddle out through the clear waters of the Caribbean. Take mom to some dance lessons. In the evening, round everyone up to catch one of the exciting nightly performances, such as a magic show or circus at the Grand Saloon. Family vacations are all about reconnecting, and a getaway at the Grand Oasis Palm and Oasis Palm will bring you closer together than ever before.

Family dining

We know there’s still homework to be done, but in the meantime, continue to work hard while dreaming of your upcoming summer vacation. Have your parents call a Liberty Travel consultant today to start planning your ultimate family getaway to the Grand Oasis Palm and Oasis Palm resorts.

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