5 Ways to Celebrate – Jamaica Style!

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August 9, 2017
5 Ways to Celebrate – Jamaica Style!

As one of the Caribbean’s liveliest islands, Jamaica has a big reason to celebrate this year. Pack your bags for the Island of All Right and join them in celebrating 55 years of independence.

In honor of this special occasion, we’re joining in the festivities by taking a closer look at all the ways you can revel in the spirit of Jamaica and soak up the unique vibes that have made this paradise one of the world’s favorite destinations.

Get Back to Nature

Nature in Jamaica

Jamaica’s best attractions can be found amid its naturally stunning scenery. Lush mountains and hills blanket the country, and its thick forests are a treasure chest of precious gems like sapphire rivers and shining waterfalls. Hop aboard a bamboo raft for a scenic sail down the Martha Brea River, or make your way up Dunn’s River Falls, enjoying the gently falling water as you reach the top.

Take a Big Bite

Jerk chicken

Jamaican cuisine is renowned for its crowning dish, jerk chicken. But the term “jerk” actually refers to the unique style of cooking and spice blend featuring Scotch Bonnet peppers, allspice, and nutmeg, which all grow in abundance on Jamaica. And while the fowl variety tends to be a favorite for us mainlanders, Jamaicans use this technique on pork, beef, fish, and even vegetables. We definitely encourage you fill up on as much of these spicy sweet treats as you can, but we also recommend savoring the island’s other flavorful dishes, such as curry goat, oxtail stew, and the national favorite, ackee and salt fish.

Have a Laid-Back Beach Day (or 10)

Hammock on a Jamaican beach

One of the major features that makes Jamaica such an appealing destination is its incredible beaches. And we’ll be honest, there’s almost no better feeling in the world than relaxing on warm white sands next to the turquoise Caribbean Sea – drink in hand, of course. While you’ll find beautiful shorelines all along the island’s coast, the best stretch of sand can be found in Negril at Seven Mile Beach. Just as the name suggests, this picturesque spot extends for miles, giving sunbathers some of the best views during the day and colorful sunsets in the evening.

Meet the People

Jamaican people

The Jamaican people are spirited and welcoming. They are proud of their heritage, always looking to have a good time, and are eager to share it all with you and your family. Smiles are plentiful, and you’ll find they’re infectious, especially when you’re trying to keep up with Jamaicans on the dance floor. The Jamaican Tourism Board encourages visitors to interact with their citizens by providing a completely complimentary “Meet the People” program. Visitors are matched with locals based on similar interests and spend the day getting to know them, their culture, and their way of life.

Tie the Knot

Jamaican destination wedding

Can you think of a better reason to celebrate than the ultimate declaration of love? Become one heart in the home of One Love. Whether you invite all your friends and family or hold an intimate ceremony for two, Jamaica is abundant in grand all-inclusive resorts, historical sites, and enchanting scenery perfect for hosting a romantic wedding in paradise.

While rejoicing in 55 years of independence is an impressive feat, Jamaica has many reasons to celebrate its vibrant country. Let your Liberty Travel consultant help you discover all the ways you can celebrate Jamaica’s distinctive spirit and plan your getaway to this remarkable destination today.

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