Big All-Inclusive Resorts with Bigger Hearts

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December 13, 2018
Hard Rock

If you’re looking for that perfect all-inclusive in Mexico with an equally big heart, these resorts from Hard Rock Hotels All-Inclusive Collection make sustainability, philanthropy, and voluntourism part of the equation.

Embodying the soulful and inspiring nature of music, Hard Rock mixes this sentiment with a literal giving back approach, so when you want to stay in Mexico while feeling good about where your money is going, look no further than their properties in Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Riviera Maya, and – coming soon – Los Cabos. Here, you’ll be rocking out in paradise while knowing the resort is also putting other important things in the limelight.

Beach Hard Rock

Since they opened their first hotel in 1971, their mottos have been put into use; Love All – Serve All; Take Time to Be Kind; Save the Planet; and All is One. They’ve donated millions to causes that range from autism awareness, cancer prevention, to disaster relief.

Here are just some highlights Hard Rock is doing to make the world a better place.

Hard Rock Heals Foundation

Funding local music programs across the globe, this foundation has provided 1.3 million dollars to charitable organizations since inception in 2016, including more than 30 grants to music programs within the communities of Hard Rock Hotel markets.

Music Lab

With the belief that music itself improves lives, it’s the most obvious and on-brand way to give back. Literally 100% of revenue raised by the Hard Rock Heals Foundation gets donated back into the communities where Hard Rock staff live and work.

By partnering with leaders of the music industry and with other similar music organizations, their reach is incredibly wide. From children’s hospice to elderly learning to hospital bedside performances and in other amazing ways, music constantly makes an impact and delivers the Hard Rock promise of Love Amplified.

Signature Series

A very hip and cool way to generate donation money for great causes is the Signature Series, a strategic partnership between Hard Rock and iconic musicians that creates trendy t-shirts with a percentage of the price tag going towards fantastic initiatives and charitable organizations. Signature Series 36, for instance, has partnered with Bruce Springsteen and WhyHunger in their mission to end hunger and poverty by connecting people to nutritious, affordable food, with 25% of the net retail sales getting donated.

The Signature Series all began in 1990 and has benefited countless charities since. Other iconic musical stars that have partnered include Elton John, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Pitbull, and Ozzy Osbourne. These artists all donate an original piece of artwork to be reproduced on a limited-edition shirt with sales benefiting the artist’s chosen charity.

To date, the Signature Series program has raised millions of dollars.

Pool at Sunset

Save the Planet

Save the Planet has pioneered disaster relief efforts and placed the spotlight on sustainability and the environment. By raising funds and getting involved with charity work and volunteer efforts, Hard Rock is hands-on when it comes to the planet itself.

Hard Rock’s “Crank it Up” program benefited victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005, with contributions made by guests staying at Hard Rock going straight to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Continuing their musical theme, Hard Rock also partnered with U2’s The Edge in 2007 to help raise awareness and funds to replace lost instruments of the musicians affected by the hurricanes in the Gulf Coast region.

Hard Rock International’s “Ambassador Program” also provides ongoing fundraising efforts and volunteer opportunities to a variety of charities and non-profit organizations ranging from recycling drives, beach clean-ups, to meals for the homeless.

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Just by staying at one of these resorts in Mexico, you'll be helping the surrounding communities and beyond, with sustainable efforts and fantastic causes sprinkled in, all to the tune of great music.

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