Crave-Worthy Dining in the Caribbean

LT Globetrotter

July 5, 2018
Crave-Worthy Dining in the Caribbean

If you’re the type of tropical traveler that enjoys grabbing a bite on the town, these islands offer local dining scenes that you’ll really want to dig into.


Dutch pancakes

Aruba serves up a delightful blend of pristine beaches, friendly people, and a culinary exploration with roots in traditional Dutch, Asian, African, and Spanish cuisine. More than 90 unique nationalities can be found on One Happy Island, so make sure you bring your appetite to this Caribbean island. Enjoy Dutch pancakes for breakfast on Eagle Beach and dine at sunset with fresh seafood dishes. You’ll also want to taste the island’s authentic flavors, such as pan bati, a “smashed” bread used in stews and soups, and ganana hasa, or fried plantain.



Among the pastel-painted towns and the pink-sand shores, you’ll find a culinary experience welcoming to a discerning palate in Bermuda. Seafood is one of the main fares, including the famous Bermuda fish chowder, served with sherry peppers and black rum. Mussel pie is another favorite dish consisting of papaya, bacon, lemon juice, potatoes, and its eponymous ingredient. Enjoy your meal with Bermuda’s famous Rum Swizzle or a Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail, made with the island’s famous Gosling’s Black Seal® Rum. Other must-try dishes include pepper jams, rum cakes, and pan-fried Johnny Bread, served with butter or clotted cream and jam.


Flying Fish

Fusion food takes on a whole new meaning here in Barbados, the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.” Influences encompass cuisines from all parts of the globe – Japanese, Chinese, Soul Food, Mexico, Italian, Mediterranean, and other robust flavors. Give your taste buds a world tour by trying some of the island’s most popular dishes, including macaroni pie – or Bajan mac and cheese with breadcrumbs and onion – conkies, a stew dumpling, and fish cake, a breakfast dish that resembles a fritter. Celebrate the Bajan culture by tasting its National Dish, cou cou and flying fish, made from cornmeal, fresh okra, and flying fish seasoned with onion, thyme, tomatoes, pepper, and garlic.

Craving your next culinary adventure in the Caribbean? Then contact your local travel consultant today, and they’ll craft the perfect vacation package for your next island getaway.

LT Globetrotter

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