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February 13, 2023
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A lot of people go to Mexico for the warm weather and picture-perfect beaches. But there’s so much more than that to discover—and Hoteles Xcaret has created an All-Fun Inclusive™ concept that helps travelers experience it all.

In addition to airport-hotel-airport transportation* and round-trip Xcaret Xailing (ferry) services to Isla Mujeres, the All-Fun Inclusive™ package provides access to natural water parks, artistic workshop spaces, and gourmet restaurants. Combining sustainable tourism and generous hospitality, there’s no better way to find adventure and fall in love with Mexican culture.

Woman ziplining in one of Grupo Xcaret's natural water parks

Experience the Thrill of Adventure with Admission to Natural Water Parks

When you stay at Hotel Xcaret Arte, Hotel Xcaret México, or La Casa de La Playa, you can enjoy unlimited access (and transportation!) to all of Grupo Xcaret’s eco-parks in the Riviera Maya. These popular attractions allow travelers to snorkel among stingrays and sea turtles, explore ancient caves, soar through the air on ziplines, and more.

Grupo Xcaret Parks at a Glance

  • Xcaret, the first attraction of its kind, opened in 1990. Since then, it’s become known as one of the greatest water parks in Mexico, with more than 50 natural and cultural activities to enjoy.
  • Xel-Há (“where the water is born”) is the place to go for aquatic adventures. Here, you can swim across cenotes, float through a lazy river, and slide down a 30-meter-high Lookout Lighthouse.
  • Xplor/Xplor Fuego is a must-visit for adrenalin junkies. Featuring epic zipline circuits, amphibious vehicle courses, and an Underground Exhibition, your heart will be racing within minutes of entering the park. 
  • Xoximilco honors the traditions, culture, and folklore of Xochimilco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hop aboard the colorful gondola to enjoy authentic music, food, and drinks.
  • Xenses puts your senses to the test with optical illusions and mysterious natural ecosystems that you’ll need to hear and feel your way through.
  • Xavage, the newest theme park in the collection, offers one-of-a-kind activities, including an elaborate Ropes Course that challenges you to conquer 80+ obstacles at staggering heights.
  • Xenotes invites you to rappel, zipline, kayak, and swim through four unique cenotes. Each activity has been selected to be in harmony with the natural environment, allowing you to discover the greatness of the planet and its sacred water.
Couple paining ceramic pottery

Immerse Yourself in the Local Art Scene with Exclusive Workshops

At Hotel Xcaret Arte, accommodations have been divided into five casas, each of which has been designed to highlight a distinct Mexican artistic expression. In addition to beautifully styled suites, every casa boasts a boutique, restaurant, rooftop bar, and a unique workshop space where guests can learn about and practice a local craft.

Hotel Xcaret Arte Workshops at a Glance

  • The Weaving workshop at Casa del Diseño is equipped with sewing machines, looms, and a variety of colorful fibers for weaving, macramé, and embroidery.
  • The Painting workshop at Casa de los Artistas provides a light-filled space for you to refine your drawing, engraving, and watercolor techniques.**
  • The Pottery workshop at Casa de la Pirámide lets you hand-mold, bake, and paint a unique clay item.
  • The Dancing workshop at Casa de la Música helps you find your rhythm—and learn a variety of routines, from the mambo to the bachata.
  • The Literature workshop at Casa de la Paz offers a haven for when you need a little peace and quiet (and a good story!), thanks to its impressive library.
Interior of Ha' restaurant at Hotel Xcaret México

Get a True Taste of Mexico with World-Class Dining Options

Hoteles Xcaret works with a collection of talented culinary artists (including Carlos Gaytán, the first Mexican chef to receive a Michelin Star), offering premium dining experiences at each of its properties. In fact, some would argue that Hotel Xcaret Arte and Hotel Xcaret México aren’t just resorts—they’re gastronomic destinations.  

With more than 20 restaurants between the two hotels, deciding where to dine on vacation can be difficult. To help, here are a few of our top picks to fuel you from morning to night.

Hotel Xcaret México Dining at a Glance

  • Breakfast: Start your day off right with a meal at Bio, where Chef Miguel Bautista has created a 100% vegan menu to suit the resort’s Wellness Cuisine concept.
  • Lunch: Sample a variety of dishes at Mercado de la Merced, which is comprised of 10 thematic culinary stations.
  • Dinner: Book a table at the modern Ha’ restaurant to indulge in a nine-course tasting menu with wine/drink pairings.**

Hotel Xcaret Arte Dining at a Glance

  • Breakfast: Grab a quick pastry or other unique creation at Kibi-Kibi, where Chef Roberto Solís combines Yucatán cuisine with Lebanese influences.***
  • Lunch: Check out Arenale if you’re craving classic comfort food with a Mexican twist—think ceviche, grilled corn, and burgers.
  • Dinner: Enjoy contemporary Japanese-fusion cuisine (including sushi and teppanyaki) at Chef Luis Arzapalo’s Tah-Xido restaurant.


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*Exclusive service for clients with a confirmed arrival at Cancun airport; the day of check-in at the hotel. By airport regulations, this service is not available for customers who do not arrive with a confirmed flight.

**Reservations and additional costs required.

***Exclusive to Casa de los Artistas guests.


Disclaimer: This sponsored story was written by Liberty Travel on behalf of Hoteles Xcaret.

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