How to Get Your Vibe Back

LT Globetrotter

December 6, 2017
Riu Reggae Pool in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Hip Strip. MoBay. However you refer to Montego Bay, Jamaica, it’s known as one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. It’s also the perfect place to find your vibe.

Order a Rum Punch or a Bob Marley (in shot or cocktail form), and hit the sugar white beaches with mento or calypso fueling your spontaneous dancing. Find your adventurous side with zip-lining through a rainforest or get your natural bliss on with a quiet sailing down the Martha Brae. No matter how you want to escape the everyday and get that jump back in your step, you’ll want a resort that’ll help to renew your vibe. We’ve got just the spot – Riu Reggae.

Find Your Vibe


Despite what you may think, your vibe isn’t some internal discovery that leads to ultimate relaxation. Your vibe can be coaxed out with a few simple items, such as unlimited premium drinks, delectable delights, infinity pools, and idyllic surroundings. Riu Reggae has you covered. This all-inclusive hotel offers four bars, a tantalizing variety of cuisine, and paradise by the Caribbean Sea.

But to Truly Find Your Vibe –

Reggae music in Jamaica

You need to get up and get moving. Onsite at Riu Reggae, you’ll find the Pacha nightclub, perfect for getting your hips swaying. (MoBay is called the “Hip Strip,” after all.) Plus, you can get your groove going at the foam party at the pool and the weekly beach party. The resort is also perfectly placed to be your home during SumFest, the annual reggae festival that brings A-listers to the MoBay beaches. The 2017 festival included such names as Sean Paul, Alkaline, Mavado, and Stephen and Jo Mersa Marley.

Once you find your vibe, you’ll also want to take find your bliss.The Island of All Right isn’t kidding when it comes to natural beauty and its laid-back melody. With Riu Reggae located in Montego Bay, you’re close to the breathtaking sight of Glistening Waters’ Luminous Lagoon, one of only three places in the world where microscopic organisms shimmer in the water. Don’t miss out on Dunn’s River Falls, where you can climb cascading waterfalls. And the beaches right outside your resort are perfect for doing more than chilling – with a rum punch, of course.

Plan Your Escape

When seeking your vacation vibe, it’s always good to get the advice of a trained expert. That’s where we come in. Liberty Travel consultants know that the best way to finding your vibe is a seamless vacation. We’ll plan every detail, so all you’ll have to do is relax, find your center, and – get in-touch with your long-lost vibe.

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