How to Tour Europe on a Budget in 2024

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April 5, 2024
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Visiting Europe is on every traveler’s wish list. In fact, with so many unique countries packed together, you could explore Europe multiple times and still have endless new opportunities to experience. After all, each destination is filled with distinct backdrops, languages, cultures, food, and so much more. This makes touring Europe a perfect option for seeing the most during a single trip.

And although it sounds like an expensive endeavor, there are ways to travel to and within Europe on a budget. Researching ahead of time, prioritizing your itinerary, being mindful of hidden costs, and taking advantage of expert guidance are just a few of the strategies budget travelers can use to save money while making the most out of a Europe trip. Plus, don’t forget, when you book through our travel experts all of these details are handled for you!

Here’s how to travel through Europe on a budget in 2023, along with three of our favorite European tour travel package offers available now:


Choose the Best Time>

Select a Budget-Friendly Area

Enjoy Cheap or Free Attractions

Eat and Drink Like Locals

Walk or Use Local Transport

Take a Guided Tour

Tours to Try

4 Tips Before You Travel

Choose the Best Time

Traveling to Europe in the fall

For budget-minded travelers, the off-season is likely the best time and cheapest way to visit Europe. You’ll be able to take advantage of lower prices and the best deals for airfare, hotels, and attractions—even more expensive cities. In addition, the tourist crowds will be smaller, and you will have more space to explore during your visit.

If mild temperatures and beautiful weather are a vacation essential, the best time to visit is usually during the spring or fall. This is when you’ll get moderate prices balanced between peak season and off-season. The summer months are not only hot in many top destinations, but it’s also the most crowded. June, July, and August tend to have the highest flight prices.

And the winters can be cold, making outdoor sightseeing more challenging. This means the prices in December, January, and February are the cheapest. Still, despite the weather, we love a good winter European escape because the lack of tourists provides a more genuine experience. The cheaper fares are also a bonus!


Select a Budget-Friendly Area

A beautiful Greece vacation

Europe is a continent full of diverse cultures, delicious cuisines, and incredible historical sites that make it one of the most popular destinations in the world. It can also be a great place to visit on a budget if you know where to go.

The old cities of Prague and Amsterdam are great places to start if you’re looking to explore on a budget. With unique historical architecture and plenty of inexpensive accommodations, these cities offer travelers the perfect mix of culture and affordability.

Eastern European countries like Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary offer budget-friendly experiences as well. Each of these countries has unique natural attractions, historical sites, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for a European island escape, the Canary Islands of Spain and Greece can be a perfect way to create an epic trip on a budget. Their stunning sandy beaches, delicious seafood, and wide range of outdoor activities make them great destinations for those looking for a relaxing vacation.

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Enjoy Cheap or Free Attractions

Rome's Trevi Fountain

It’s possible to explore your European destinations on a budget thanks to free or inexpensive endeavors. Many cities feature beautiful parks, perfect for a picnic or just taking in the sights. And famous fountains (like the Trevi Fountain in Rome), monuments, and statues are sprinkled around for you to gaze upon.

Also, research before you travel to discover special discounts or even free entry for museums, attractions, and more. For example, teachers and anyone under 26 can visit the Louvre in Paris for free! And multiple top museums in major cities like London and Madrid museums offer free entry.

Once you have your list of free must-sees, you can round out your itinerary with paid activities or events you can’t miss—whether it’s theater tickets or an indulgent dinner.


Eat and Drink Like Locals

Eat like a local in Europe

Speaking of food, it’s okay to splurge on one or two meals. But there are plenty of ways to save money while experiencing local delicacies. Avoid the overpriced, touristy hotspots, and seek out authentic restaurants favored by the locals. Talk to hotel employees, cab or bus drivers, or anyone you meet about where they go for a good meal.

You can round that out by hitting local markets to stock up on snacks and drinks you can keep in your hotel room. We also highly recommend experiencing your European city’s street food scene. From crepes in France and Belgium fries to German sausage and Greek gyros, it’s the ideal way to taste authentic flavors at ideal prices.


Walk or Use Local Transport

European train travel

Europe is known for its amazing public transportation, and it's a great way to get around both your local destination and between various cities on your tour. From bus to subway, many cities offer multi-day transit passes for extra savings. And, of course, walking is a perfect way to get from here to there while also showing you more pockets of the place you’re exploring. Some of the best moments can be found unexpectedly when you’re trekking through Europe on foot.

If you’re touring across the country or even between multiple countries, there will likely be multiple options for transportation. Before traveling to Europe, be sure to research all of your transit options to take advantage of the best deals. Not only will this help keep costs low—it'll also ensure that you have an unforgettable journey! Top low-cost travel options include:

  • Train - Train travel is incredibly popular in Europe, though its affordability differs from country to country.
  • Bus - Traveling by bus is another cheap option for traveling through Europe.
  • Airplane - Sometimes it's even cheaper to fly between countries than take a train.


Take a Guided Tour

Exploring Europe with a tour guide

Thailand to Ireland, Vietnam to Rome—our guided tours get you to the world’s iconic destinations and attractions with fast passes, hotels, and transportation all lined up. And local tour guides and pre-planned detailed itineraries create an authentic and immersive cultural experience.

Depending on the length of your stay, the tours offer various vacation options for individuals, couples, and small or large groups. With something for every traveler, pick a destination and start exploring.

Top reasons to choose a Liberty Travel guided tour:

  • Offers and sales thanks to our partnerships with top tour companies
  • Local tour guides give you detailed insights at each destination
  • Enjoy detailed itineraries with free time built-in for personal exploration
  • Your tour is crafted for you; including group size, activity level, and interests

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Tours to Try

Fiestas & Siestas: Southern Spain by Design

Southern Spain

How will you celebrate in Spain? Chocolate and churros or cobblestones and culture? High-stepping horses or strolling historic piazzas? Choose your own adventure by taking the complimentary YourChoice Excursions that you love the most during this 9-day celebration in Southern Spain with Globus Tours

  • Day 1 – Welcome to Madrid
  • Day 2 – Tour the city with your choice of two excursions.
  • Day 3 – Browse the streets of Cordoba, continuing to Seville
  • Day 4 – Explore Seville during one of three excursions
  • Day 5 – Journey to Jerez, plus a Flamenco show
  • Day 6 – Discover Jerez during one of three excursions
  • Day 7 – Tour Marbella before journeying to Málaga
  • Day 8 – Sightseeing tour of Málaga
  • Day 9 – Journey home


Get More Details


Apulia, The Heel of Italy

Apulia, Italy

This 8-day budget-friendly Italy journey by Cosmos Tours inspires La Dolce Vita in every way. Explore Naples’ rich history and culture before venturing to Apulia, known for its stunning landscapes and coastline. Highlights include Castel Del Monte, Castellana Grotte, Trulli houses, and Lecce’s Baroque architecture. Enjoy local specialties like Primitivo wine and olive oil.

  • Day 1 – Welcome to Naples
  • Day 2 – Excursions in Naples, Apulia, and port city of Bari
  • Day 3 – Visit limestone caves of Castellana Grotte, and Lecce, the “Florence of the South”
  • Day 4 – On to Gallipoli, an ancient Greek city built on an island in the Ionian Sea
  • Day 5 – Head to Manduria, situated in the rural wine-growing region
  • Day 6 – In Fasano, with optional excursions to Matera and Altamura
  • Day 7 – Visit a traditional olive mill and head back to Naples
  • Day 8 – Journey home


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From Dublin to London


Go from Dublin to London with Cosmos Tours, exploring stunning scenery, ancient sights, and vibrant cities including Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Highlights include the Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, Stonehenge, and Bath's Roman baths. Experience picturesque villages, dairy farmland, and sparkling seascapes.

  • Day 1 – Welcome to Dublin
  • Day 2 – Enjoy orientation drive in the “Fair City”
  • Day 3 – Stop in Galway and visit the Cliffs of Moher
  • Day 4 – Join the road known as the Ring of Kerry for a coastal panoramic drive
  • Day 5 – Visit the Stone of Eloquence in Blarney, and enjoy an optional pub tour
  • Day 6 – Immerse in the major attractions of Cardiff, the capital of Wales
  • Day 7 – Experience Stonehenge, one of the Wonders of the World
  • Day 8 - Explore London on your own or on an optional tour with local guide
  • Day 9 - Journey home


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4 Tips Before You Travel

  1. Prioritize: Prioritizing your European travel itinerary ensures you stay within budget. Consider which locations and experiences are must-see and must-do and which can wait until your next trip.
  2. Research, research, research: Look up everything from activities to transportation wherever you plan on visiting.
  3. Plan: Advance preparation gives you a better chance at finding cheaper flight and accommodation prices.
  4. Watch out for hidden costs: Airline baggage fees and taxes, currency exchange fees, and transportation costs all add up. Be sure to consider all of these costs when budgeting.

Or, you can skip these steps by going straight to your travel consultant! They can do all the research for you while helping you stay within budget. Connect with us to plan your customized trip or book a tour package now!

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