Liberty Travel Celebrates 70

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December 6, 2021
Liberty Travel Birthday

We know not everyone loves to embrace their age. But when you’re a travel company celebrating 70 astounding years in the business, it’s definitely a moment of pride and awe. Liberty Travel has seen a lot in our years as one of the leading travel companies in the country. And we’re especially proud of how far we’ve come—and where we’re going next.

In 1951, Liberty Travel opened our first location in New York City’s Times Square and never looked back. In the early days Liberty Travel made its mark by creating an accessible travel experience for the average American, selling trips to the Catskills and Miami. Shortly after opening our doors, our founders pioneered the first vacation package, allowing customers to get everything needed for a getaway at one price. As we curated more and more types of vacation packages, customers expanded their own horizons with the opportunities to explore even more destinations.

Liberty Travel Birthday

As commercial airline travel expanded in the 1960s, so did Liberty Travel. We were now sending vacationers to what was then considered exotic destinations, like the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. The vacation package concept remained constant, giving our customers everything they needed like flights, hotel stays, and often meals—at one affordable price. Of course this was only the beginning, as we yearned to explore even more of the world. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s our customers discovered Mexico, Jamaica, and ocean cruises for the first time. Our business grew rapidly to become the largest American-based travel agency chain in the 1990s with over 200 locations in the United States.

It was in the 1980s that Liberty Travel continued to revolutionize the vacation package concept, launching our Get Carried Away packages. This added even more inclusions to the Caribbean and Mexico vacations—and travelers loved them! Flights, all-inclusive hotel and resort stays, private transportation, and sightseeing were all included for one price to these beautiful destinations. Once Americans had a taste of the world, suddenly there was no limit to where travel could take us. Throughout the years our travel experts have sent vacationers to almost every destination on the planet within all seven continents!

Liberty Travel Birthday

We have witnessed so much over our 70 years in business. From wars, economic recessions and booms, the impact of 9/11—across the country and especially on our home turf of New York City—to Covid-19 which has taken its toll within the travel industry and the greater world at large. The current pandemic has certainly been the greatest challenge Liberty Travel has ever experienced, resulting in a shift of our business model away from storefront locations toward a virtual model that brings our consultants directly to you. But our passion for vacations and serving our customers remain unchanged.

At the ‘young’ age of 70, our business is now more savvy and accessible than ever before. Our travel consultants are experts in the destinations you want to visit and our group specialists know all of the details and secrets needed for an epic group getaway. We love to make vacation dreams a reality. And after 70 years in business, we know a thing or two about how to make that happen.

And we also understand what you want when it comes to a memorable vacation. An incredible destination, and easy planning and booking experience, a great quality resort or hotel, and plenty of things to do while you’re away are all at the top of the list. Which is why in honor of our 70th birthday, Liberty Travel is thrilled to announce we are relaunching our Get Carried Away vacation packages to the Caribbean and Mexico! We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by bringing back one of our signature products—and a customer favorite.

Get Carried Away

From busy parents and young couples to retirees looking to explore more of the world, Get Carried Away packages makes the booking process easy. And our experts also ensure you know every up-to-date detail in these ever-changing times. These amazing vacations create an incredible quality travel experience at some of the top resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean—all at a phenomenal value. In fact, the deals are just so good for these limited-time only packages, we expect to sell out monthly. So always check back to see what’s new with Get Carried Away.

Whether you have been traveling with Liberty Travel for years or are just getting to know us, we hope you’ll allow us to create an incredible vacation for you very soon. It’s what we’ve done for our customers for the last 70 years and it’s what we plan to do for the next 70 as well.


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