Slow Down and Watch the Sea Turtles in Antigua

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July 27, 2015
Slow Down and Watch the Sea Turtles in Antigua

Antigua is located in the Caribbean and it is one of the Leeward Islands of the West Indies. Summer is a great season to visit Antigua, and it’s also the best time for sea turtle sightings!

Islanders see turtles in the warm waters all year long while snorkeling or diving, however, during the summer months these magnificent creatures waddle ashore to nest on Antigua’s beautiful, white sand beaches. It’s here, female turtles lay and bury their eggs to begin the next generation’s life cycle.

After two months of incubation in the warm sand, the young turtles hatch and attempt a valiant ‘run’ from the shore to the sea. During this run, the baby turtles (hatchlings) face life-threatening attacks by a variety of predators, like birds, crabs or fish, along the way. With the exception of the nesting run, sea turtles spend their entire adult life at sea and have been known to live as long as a century. Not only can visitors witness the turtle run, but divers can also explore shipwrecks, photograph abundant colorful fish and even swim with stingrays.

Nesting season in Antigua for the Hawksbill Sea Turtle runs from approximately June through October. The Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) will be leading turtle tours on Friday and Saturday evenings to offshore island beaches as an excursion from various resorts on the main island. Sights can include hatching baby Hawksbill turtles, or witnessing a mother climbing up onto the beach to lay eggs.

Globally, adult Hawksbills are critically endangered and are usually found in tropical coral reefs or enjoying lagoons. They are about three feet long and weigh up to 180 lbs. When you join a turtle watching tour, be sure follow the rules -- limit noise and never shine lights directly on females or hatchlings.

Resorts with options to catch a glimpse of the sea turtles include The Grand Pineapple Beach Antigua and Hermitage Bay. Grand Pineapple Beach Antigua is an all-inclusive resort along 1,600 feet of beautiful pristine beaches. With just under 200 rooms, the resort also features three restaurants and four bars. Besides great turtle-watching excursions, they also run safari SUV tours and flora/fauna island tours. Grand Pineapple Beach has two freshwater pools, windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking and sailing. We're currently offering a 4 night package with savings of up to 65%. Click on the details below to learn more and inquire.

Hermitage Bay is a stunning privately owned property which offers guests a romantic, tropical hideaway. Made-up of 25 spacious, free-standing Cottage Suites and flanked by over 140 acres of lush undeveloped land, guests of Hermitage Bay truly feel as if they have been transported to their own secluded island. This ultra luxurious all-inclusive resort is a sophisticated retreat for those looking to unwind and become reacquainted with their environment and the one they are with.

If you want a vacation spot where the weather is consistently nice and the beaches are spectacular, take a trip to Antigua! You might even see a turtle or two!

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