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Liberia Vacation Packages: Pure Nature

Nestled on the West African coast, Liberia is home to golden beaches, blue lagoons, the largest rainforest in the region, and coffee and rubber plantations. The untouched beauty of this West-African nation can be witnessed at the Sapo National Park, the Nimba Mountains, and the Kpa-Tawe Waterfall. Whether you want to go surfing, hiking or simply, shopping at Monrovia’s chaotic and colorful Waterside Market, Liberty Travel can customize your vacation package with everything from luxury tours to local cultural events.

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Liberia at a Glance

Currency: Liberian Dollar (LRD)

Tipping Customs: 10% is customary.

Language: English

Popular Drink: Club Beer

Must Eat: Goat meat stew

Power Up: Plug type A, B, or F, 120V

Weather: Climate is tropical, hot and humid all year round.

Best Time to Visit: December-March, when it’s dry season and milder.

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Delight in the natural beauty of lush rainforests with Liberia vacation packages

Top Things to Do in Liberia

Tour the Sapo National Park
Visiting this Liberian rainforest is an unforgettable experience with chances of spotting elephants, pygmy hippos, chimpanzees, antelopes and other wildlife.

Shop at the Waterside Market
This vibrant market in Monrovia caters to both locals and visitors offering colorful fabric, shoes, masks, leather goods and pottery.

Visit the Centennial Pavilion
A landmark in Liberian national life, it’s the place where the Presidents of the country are sworn in.

Get active
Between Liberia’s rainforest, mountaintops, and gorgeous beaches, you find ample opportunities to go hiking, trekking and surfing.

Check out the capital
Monrovia, the capital of Liberia is hustling-bustling hub of Liberian culture. Check out its many markets, local cuisine and vibrant nightlife.

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Liberia: The Liberty Travel Way

Whether you’re looking to explore Liberia like a local, or soak in its iconic sites like a tourist, Liberty Travel’s consultants can create a Liberia vacation package crafted just for you.

When you book with us, you get:

  • Real People. More than a travel agent, your Liberia consultant is a fellow traveler with a passion to help you see the world.
  • Perfect Match. We’ll pair you with a destination expert who has insider knowledge of Liberia for a truly personalized booking experience.
  • Crafted Vacations. Stay in hand-selected hotels. Get connected with local guides and enriching experiences. Choose from among our exclusive Liberia vacation packages.

We know Liberia. Leave the planning to us.

The Liberty Travel Experience

At Liberty Travel it’s the people who make a difference. Our travel experts craft the perfect trip for every traveler through our award-winning customer service. Real people helping real people. Beside you every step of the way.

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