Stunning aerial view of Kauai coastline

Kauai Vacations: The Garden Island

The greenest and the most lush of all Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is a tropical paradise with distinct character. From the rugged Na Pali coast and breathtaking Hanalei Bay, to the stunning Wailua Falls, this oldest island in the archipelago has been the backdrop of many Hollywood hits. With abundant unspoiled beauty, brilliant sunsets, and a 50-mile stretch of pristine beaches, Kauai beckons sun seekers, hikers, kayakers and nature lovers alike to explore the island or simply relax in its soft, white sand. No matter how you want to enjoy Kauai, our Liberty Travel consultants can craft a vacation package that’s perfect for you.

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Kauai at a Glance

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

Tipping Customs: 15-20% is considered appropriate

Language: English

Popular Drink: Lava Flow cocktail

Must Eat: Loco Moco - rice, topped with a burger patty, fried egg, and brown gravy

Power Up: Type A or Type B plug, 120 V (the standard in the United States)

Weather: Temperatures are consistently warm but comfortable throughout the year.

Best Time to Visit: All year round. December to March is peak season. April-June or September-November are popular, too.

Kauai Vacation Deals

Kauai Cruise Deals

Native Hawaiian fire dancer in Kauai

Top Things to Do in Kauai

Indulge in a traditional luau
Get entertained by musicians, hula dancers, and fire twirlers, alongside an authentic feast.

Go on a sunset sail
Sail along the beautiful 16-mile Na Pali Coast as the sun paints the sky pink, orange and yellow. Spot sea turtles and dolphins along the way.

Take a helicopter tour
Prepare to be awestruck as the stunning scenery (including the "Jurassic Park Falls”) unfolds. With most of the island inaccessible by foot, it’s a great way to see Kauai in all its splendor.

Experience an ocean adventure
Snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, whale watching, a sunset cruise…there are plenty of choices, and Hawaii the perfect location for all.

Enjoy ziplining
Harness up and zip across valleys and gullies. Soar over streams, and view the most spectacular landscape imaginable.

Hawaiian lei from Kauai

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