Lava meeting the water on the Big Island of Hawaii’s coastline

Big Island Vacations: Lava & Snow

Majestic and geographically unique, Hawaii’s biggest island is certainly its most diverse. It boasts of everything from deep valleys and snow-covered peaks, to hardened lava deserts and lush rainforests. The best part…it’s still growing. Twice the combined size of the other Hawaiian Islands, the active, fire-spitting Kilauea volcano has been pouring lava into the ocean and creating new land since 1983. Watch the eruption in real time from inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Marvel at all the wonders of the Big Island with a vacation package crafted by Liberty Travel.

Big Island vacations map

The Big Island at a Glance

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

Tipping Customs: 15-20% is considered appropriate

Power Up: Type A or Type B plug, 120 V (the standard in the United States)

Popular Drink: Kona coffee

Must Eat: Haupia – Hawaiian dessert

Language: English

Weather: Temperatures are consistently warm but comfortable throughout the year.

Best Time to Visit: All year round. December-April is peak season. May-October are popular, too.

The Big Island Deals

Sea turtle in the waters of the Big Island of Hawaii

Top Things to Do on The Big Island

Check out three beaches (in three colors)
Big island’s black, white, and green beaches are a sight to behold and certainly great to explore.

Take a hike
Whether it’s a rainforest or a crater, The Big Island has some of the best trails to enjoy.

Go down under
A mini-submarine takes you 100 feet below the surface to see a stunning coral reef off the Kona Coast.

See the lava
Head to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for amazing views of Kilauea's lava flows, which have been running non-stop since 1983.

Experience an ocean adventure
Go rafting and snorkeling among Kealakekua Bay’s marine life. Keep an eye out for tropical fish, delicate coral gardens, dolphins, turtles, and manta rays, too.

Pineapple from the Big Island of Hawaii

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