5 Brag-Worthy Experiences in Puerto Rico

LT Globetrotter

August 8, 2017
5 Brag-Worthy Experiences in Puerto Rico

What did you do this summer? It’s the classic post-season question, and if you want your answer to be anything but typical, pack your bags for Puerto Rico.

With 34 miles of world-class beaches, over 20 championship golf courses, and a vibrant local culture that shines as brightly as the Caribbean sun, Puerto Rico has all the right components for a perfect island getaway. But it’s the rare activities and exclusive features that make this island a paradise like no other. Enjoy these Puerto Rico-only experiences and you’ll be boasting all about your amazing summer vacation.

Conquer “El Monstruo”

“El Monstruo”

Zip-lining is always a rush, but if you want to truly fly this summer, become a pilot on “El Monstruo” at the Toro Verde ecological adventure park. Don your flight suit – helmet and harness – and prepare to reach speeds up to 93 miles per hour on the Guinness World Record Holder for longest zip-line in the universe. After your exhilarating ride, you’ll receive an official pilot certificate with your flight number and top speed, and your name will join the list of daring souls that braved “El Monstruo” on the Toro Verde website.

Light Up the Night on Bioluminescent Bay

Bioluminescent Bay

Bioluminescent waters are truly a sight to behold. Tiny micro-organisms in the water produce a luminescent effect when disturbed, giving the waves a mesmerizing bright blue hue. Head to the off-shore island of Vieques to see Bioluminescent Bay, the brightest and one of only five in the world. Join a kayak tour or jump on one of the many boats that transport eager visitors out into the waters to experience this astonishing spectacle.

Fill Up on Criolla Cuisine

Criolla Cuisine

A destination’s food can tell you a lot about the culture, and Puerto Rico’s bold cuisine mirrors the island’s diverse roots. By blending cooking styles and tastes from Spain, Africa, and the native Taínos with fresh local ingredients, chefs have developed an impressive variety of delectable dishes like Mofongo – smashed fried plantains mixed with garlic, broth, and small pieces of pork or bacon. For dessert, we recommend one of the island’s national dishes, Arroz con Dulce, a sweet sticky rice cooked with spices, ginger, coconut milk, raisins, and rum.

Visit the USA’s Only National Tropical Rainforest

El Yunque rainforest

Thanks to our National Forest Service, America is home to some pretty impressive woodlands. Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, its El Yunque rainforest happens to fall under our protection, and it’s the only one in the National Park System. Explore this natural treasure on a guided hike through the lush greenery. You’ll learn all about the flora and fauna that call the forest home and make stops at exciting spots like La Coca Falls.

Learn Some New Moves at La Placita

La Placita

The people of Puerto Rico love to have a good time, and La Placita in San Juan is one of the island’s top nightlife hubs. By day, it’s a bustling market plaza, but at night the entire area turns into one big street party. Salsa is the dance of choice here, and live bands play well into the night for locals and tourists who keep the energy flowing for as long as they can.

Go ahead and brag – if we had an incredible summer in Puerto Rico, we would too. If you haven’t planned your summer getaway yet, there’s still plenty of time to call your Liberty Travel consultant and book an unforgettable vacation to the paradise of Puerto Rico.

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