Get Up Close and Personal with Australia’s Celebrities in Awesome Port Douglas

LT Globetrotter

November 4, 2016
Get Up Close and Personal with Australia’s Celebrities in Awesome Port Douglas

Want to mingle with Australia's rich and famous? Head to the off-beat seaside town of Port Douglas for sun-filled days on the beach and the chance to rub elbows with natural-born celebrities.

Australia calls to adventure seekers and wanderlusters with its exotic natural wonders, iconic cityscapes, and the quirky yet charming Aussie personality. While the lively streets of Sydney and the artistic alleys in Melbourne should always be on your itinerary, the off-beat paradise Port Douglas should find a spot on your Australian Journey. Liberty Travel Journeys are customized long-haul trips to multiple cities or locations that include exclusive amenities, such as the services of a Travel Butler, who will provide you with destination information and take care of the finer details of your itinerary.

Your Travel Butler will second us in saying Port Douglas is a must-stop. Mere miles from bustling Cairns, this resort town is gaining popularity for its laid-back attitude, picturesque beaches, and the rich and famous that call it home —rich and famous natural beauties that is. Take your evenings at a relaxing pace, tasting seafood delicacies, sipping on a cold tall boy, and strolling through boutiques in town, and find time to soak up the sun by the sea, because most of your days will be spent adventuring and rubbing elbows with eco-celebrities.

One of the Greats

Only less than an hour off Port Douglas’ sunny yacht-dotted shores lies one of Australia’s renowned icons. The Great Barrier Reef consists of over 3000 coral reefs and 600 islands covering 1,430 miles of the ocean floor—it’s so big it can be seen from space. You won’t have to travel quite that far, as there are many options for seeing this Wonder of the Natural World right from Port Douglas. Scuba and snorkeling adventures fit for all levels of experience leave the port every day, but for a unique experience consider viewing this awesome ecosystem on a Quicksilver Outer Barrier Reef excursion. You’ll cruise by catamaran to Agincourt Reef where you’ll have the option of getting in the water or staying dry in a submersible or on an underwater viewing platform. To get an idea of how vast this incredible ecosystem really is, add on a scenic helicopter ride that departs right from the platform.

VIP Only Please

Port Douglas has the privilege of being surrounded by four national rainforest reserves and parks, creating an opportunity for a multitude of outdoor adventures. To the north of the town lies the Daintree Rainforest, one of the most complex and fragile ecosystems in the world, and certainly in all of Australia, with rare flora and fauna that has retained the characteristics and behavior of their primitive ancestors, Including 12 very important plants found only in this area that are essential to human survival. Take in the spectacular sights of the forest on a scenic flight, soaring above the canopy, waterfalls, and gorges for picture perfect opportunities.

The Forest Formally Known as Kuranda

To truly appreciate the grandeur of the surrounding rainforests, head south of Port Douglas to Kuranda National Park. You’ll be immersed in lush foliage on nature hikes through trails, tunnels, and hanging bridges to get you closer to the rare species dwelling there. See the canopy from the secure Skyrail before topping off your adventurous day by cuddling with one of Australia’s world-renowned symbols, an endearing Koala.

All-Star Accomodations

If you’re wondering where to rest your head after your star-studded days, look no further than the gorgeous Thala Beach Nature Reserve Lodge. This deluxe boutique resort lies a short drive south of Port Douglas’ center in the heart of a beautiful wildlife refuge. Modern timber-style bungalows are perched in the canopy of the trees giving guests unique and awe-inspiring vistas of the reserve. Celebrate the lovely landscape with complimentary nature walks and tours with a Thala Reserve guide, or kick back and relax on the private beach.

Discover the charm of Port Douglas and Australia’s most rich and famous. Contact your Liberty Travel consultant today to book the Thala Beach Nature Reserve Lodge and all of these exciting excursions on your Australia Journey!

LT Globetrotter

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