Travel Consultant Tuesday: Amanda King

LT Globetrotter

January 9, 2018
Travel Consultant Tuesday: Amanda King

In this week’s edition of #TravelConsultantTuesday, we sat down with travel consultant Amanda King. She shares her destination specialties and where she’ll be spending her honeymoon.

What inspired you to become a travel consultant?
I graduated with a communications degree and had worked throughout school as a waitress. Being immersed in customer service-centric work helped me to realize I needed to follow a career path based on fostering client relationships. When a friend working at Liberty Travel recommended that I apply as a travel consultant, it seemed like the perfect fit. I have always had the travel bug, so I jumped at the opportunity to work in the industry.

Travel gear
No destination is too far flung for Amanda's sense of adventure.

We see that you’ve traveled to 10 countries! Where do you specialize in sending customers?
Oftentimes, my clients are interested in experiencing the beaches of the Caribbean and Mexico. My passion is helping them find the perfect resort paired with an excursion to explore the destination.

A recent trip to exotic Saint Lucia ranked it as my favorite island. When I send customers – to what I refer to as “the Hawaii of the Caribbean” – I’m sure to include the full day land and sea tour. It allows travelers to experience the lush natural beauty of the destination while still fulfilling their sense of adventure. You get to see a waterfall, a local fishing village and take in the stunning view of Saint Lucia’s infamous Pitons.

St. Lucia
A trip to St. Lucia is barely complete without exploring its lush mountains and culturally-rich seaside towns.

When you’re not at the office or on vacation, what types of activities keep you busy?
When I’m not occupied planning my next getaway, I like to keep it low-key at home. I’m a huge foodie, so I love trying the fantastic restaurants that New York offers! To maintain a nice balance, you can also find me practicing yoga, reading a good book or occasionally on a Netflix binge. Right now, I’m really into the show “Outlander.” It takes place in Scotland, plus features other destinations (that keep getting added to my bucketlist). So, it’s a perfect escape that fulfills my interest in history, romance and travel all at once.

The British-American television drama, "Outlander" has officially added Scotland to Amanda's [lengthly] bucketlist.

Which destination(s) will you be crossing off your bucketlist in 2018?
This year, I’m fortunate enough to have my dream honeymoon on the horizon. My fiancé and I decided to celebrate our marriage in Dubai and the Maldives. The stopover in glitzy Dubai will satisfy my need for adventure, not to mention it will hopefully tire us out to fully relax in the Maldives! I can’t sit still for too long, so we’ll be sure to snorkel once we make it to paradise.

After stopping in Dubai, Amanda's honeymoon will bring her to the iconic islands of the Maldives.

What do you think people would be most surprised to learn about your role as a travel consultant?
I think that people often feel inundated with the information they find online when doing trip research. As well-connected travel consultants, we're able to do the heavy-lifting on behalf of our customers. At the end of the day, I pursued a career in travel because I'm curious about the world and my knowledge help saves my clients' time.

Planning a trip
No matter how remote a destination, Amanda loves diving head first into research for her customers.

Can you share your favorite travel tip?
I always recommend that my customers try to limit their luggage to a carry-on if possible. By eliminating a checked bag, you are sure to maximize your time in the destination while everyone else is waiting at baggage claim! Not to mention, that makes for less laundry when you return home.

You won't find Amanda rolling through the airport with checked baggage anytime soon. It's carry-on only for her.

Where can travelers connect with you?
I work in our Liberty Travel Bay Ridge location in Brooklyn. Plus, for those who are busy during the traditional work week, I’m at our office on Saturdays, too! You can reach me by phone at (718) 921-1889 or email at Not to mention, I’d love to connect on Instagram at @travelsbyaking.

LT Globetrotter, Liberty Travel Consultant

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