Your Destination Wedding Planning Guide

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August 6, 2021
Destination Wedding

You said yes and now you’re getting married to the partner of your dreams!

But then you crack open one of countless wedding magazines and to realize finding your partner was the easy part! Planning a destination wedding can be a daunting task—especially with various COVID-19 travel requirements—but it doesn’t have to be. From an elegant ballroom in a gorgeous hotel to a beach in Cancun, deciding where to host your big day is just as important as picking a wedding day. 

Luckily many destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean—both very popular for weddings—are open right now to travelers. In addition, many resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean have teams dedicated to making sure you live your dream wedding. Moreover, some weddings in these places are hosted at all-inclusive resorts, which offer impressive settings for rehearsal dinners and receptions. They also can include exquisitely crafted buffets, with scrumptious delights to please that picky meat eater or strict vegetarian.

What are the advantages of a destination wedding

If you’re going to an all-inclusive resort, a destination wedding can be less costly than a normal ceremony and reception. Many hotels will include a free honeymoon suite or other upgrades when you book a group room block, and some even offer a free wedding package. There will most likely be fewer guests, so your costs will be lower as you’re not purchasing as many favors, invitations, or centerpieces. Most hotels have a dedicated wedding coordinator, so you don’t have to worry about spending your weekends researching florists or organizing a late-night bridal assembly line to put together centerpieces. You’ll choose from packages with different color schemes and layouts, and then they’ll make sure it happens.

Destination Wedding

How do I decide where to go?

First start by choosing a destination that’s easy for your guests to visit. If you’re on the east coast, a Hawaiian wedding might be more difficult for everyone than one in the Caribbean (and vice versa). Although we don’t know what travel will look like in 2022, it’s probably best to choose a destination that’s already open and welcoming U.S. travelers. That this point you need to narrow it down to your resort. And instead of spending hours researching online, our destination wedding experts can easily narrow the search after knowing what you’re looking for.  This includes the resort’s wedding sites themselves—beach backdrops versus ballrooms and gazebos overlooking the water versus vibrant gardens.

How do I actually get married? Are the rules the same as back home?

Laws about getting married vary, so your wedding coordinator will give you information about any special requirements. Some locations require couples be in destination for a few days before their ceremony while others require health certificates or paperwork.

How do my guests book their rooms? And flights?

When a large group of people travel together, they qualify for a “room block.” When a hotel is notified that a group will be taking up a large amount of space, they set aside the number of rooms that are needed. When you know how many guests will be attending, contact your group travel consultant. They’ll organize everything and deal directly with the hotel to block a number of rooms if needed.

Liberty Travel will also send communications regularly throughout the process. This will include any relevant travel requirements needed to arrive in your specific destination, such as proof of vaccination of COVID-19 tests.


Destination Wedding

What happens when the wedding’s over and it’s time for the honeymoon?

You’ll obviously want to spend time alone with your new spouse, but it can be awkward to gracefully separate yourself from your guests. You can’t order people not to extend their trip, so consider arranging for an upgrade to a private preferred club for privacy. Some couples book their honeymoon at a separate hotel nearby or even fly away to a different destination altogether. Your travel consultant will be able to seamlessly transfer your wedding experience to your honeymoon one, booking all of your travel necessities.

What if there is a change of plans?

You’ll have a lot on your plate, so book through a travel consultant so there’s someone on the ground in case something goes wrong. This is the person you’d call if your aunt misses her flight or someone in your group wants to change rooms. Rest assured, we’re here for you both before and during your big event.

Enjoy every minute of your engagement and let our destination wedding experts help plan your dream wedding. Contact your Liberty Travel Groups expert today to start planning.

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Please note: Travel requirements and health standards are continually changing. Visit our Traveler Resources Hub for up-to-date information and learn more about the entry rules of your specific destination and to plan your next vacation.



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